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  • Dave, I am interested in NismoTronic but don't know too much about tuning. I have done an AEM in the past but leaned more towards building the rest of the car for customers and going with Enthalpy for the tuning. We burnt down 2 engines on a road race car i finished this summer and his new tune for it is so rich it runs like crap. Looks like I need to get into tuning. I am starting an autox only car soon and am considering this for it too. An all out XP 240SX with SR20DET, GTX2867 and 2000#. Took 8th at Nationals last year in SM.
    Bottom line. Is this a good system for what I need? Is the consult cable the only way to talk to the ecu? XP has minimum wiring or anything else either. I am interested in becoming a dealer if this is the way I go. Thanks, logr(Mike Gregg)