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  • Hello Cody.
    I have been recommended to speak to you regarding jwt cams.

    I have just bought one of the new Garret GTX2867r turbo's .64 turbine.
    I got this through leetfade, a member on this forum who did a group buy.
    He has been very helpful to me so far and even with shipping to me out in Australia.

    I have been reading a lot on Zilvia and other forums on the best cam to suit this new turbo.
    The JWT S3 seems the best option other than BC step 2 with valve springs and retainers which has been suggested here in Australia by a workshop.

    Without having to read the 80+ pages on Zilvia, did you end up upgrading to the JWT C1 cams at all?

    If not, what valve springs do you recommend with the JWT S3 cam?

    Any advice and opinions will be greatly appreciated.