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  • Hi Abdul,
    Just finished watching the second video. Much better than the first.
    It's obviously a very flowing circuit with a fast average speed!
    I think your lines are very good, the last corner onto the main straight i think you could benefit by staying left for another quarter second which will result in turning in a little later ( im talking 1/4 second) this will give you a straighter exit and carry more speed down the long front straight. Its difficult to tell what your hand are doing on the wheel but i get the impression you aren't struggling for grip during the exit? Is this right? Everything else looks great!

    I get the last 2 laps, 1:22.7 and 1:22.4. with hand timing.

    I'd love to be there and see you at the circuit!

    Run into any of my friends at work?
    Australia: S13RB25DET{dead}.....VQ35 build in progress, R32 GTR 26/30, Mitsubishi Legnum VR4