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A Southern S14 Build-Versatility is the Goal

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  • A Southern S14 Build-Versatility is the Goal

    Hello everyone

    I've been recently getting underway with the build of my S14, but first a little bit of history.

    I've owned an S13 for the past 10-11 years. Building it slowly throughout the years while working and going to school. Towards the beginning of last year the chassis started to rip apart. It was a sad moment realizing that I had to retire the car.

    I had purchased a 98 S14 to daily for the past few years. It was an automatic, stock, SE. Very clean car.

    So now with the retirement of the S13, the S14 will be taking it's place.

    My main goal with building any of my cars has been versatility. I enjoy many different kinds of motorsport, auto-x, drift, drag, and road racing. Also, with the recent opening of a brand new awesome facility within a few miles of me, it's making it that much more tempting to build a solid, multi-faceted car.

    The new facility

    Now onto the S14, I've already completed a first round of upgrades. Addressing the cooling system with replacing belts, hoses, water pump, upgraded radiator. Then went into some of the suspension. Adding Suspension Techniques Sways, SPL Parts Tension rods, and replacing tie rod ends.

    I was also able to score some KYB AGX's and Tein Springs for a song. Here's how she sat after switching over the wheels from my S13.

    A little high in the rear, but it was fine for being a daily and living in New Orleans. With the springs being so short in the front, it would crash and bottom out over larger bumps. It sounded bad and felt worse. I had hopes that the next round of upgrades would change that.

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    Looks great! That rear lip thing is really growing on me too.

    I hate to sound Zilvia here, but what are the wheel/tire specs?
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      I really like the rear lip too, and for only $7 from a junkyard, how could you pass it up. Flows nicely with the OEM front lip and side skirts.

      Wheel and Tire Specs:
      Enkei RPF-1 17x9.5 +18 all around (no spacers)
      Front-235/40/17 Nitto NT05
      Rear-255/40/17 Hankook RS-3

      The Nitto's are almost done up front. When that happens I plan on getting 245/40 Hankook RS-3's. They should fit no problem, and decrease some of the stretched look.

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        Why not run 255/40s all around?

        Car looks good though.
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          I believe that 255's would give me too much trouble fitment wise. This car will be drifted also, and with such a tall tire up front, I'm possitive that it will rub the fender, tension rod, and inner wheel well. It may even rub the coilover also. I have about .25" of clearance between the inner wheel lip and the coilover now.

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            What lip is that in the rear? I've seen it done before, just forgot what it's from, lol.

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              Honda accord


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                Yep, it's from a 90's Honda Accord

                For this round of upgrades we’re looking at:
                SPL Traction Arms, Toe Arms, subframe collars, and brake cooling deflectors. Solid build quality and great customer service from SPL as usual.

                GT-Spec Front and Rear STB, Fender Braces, and Trunk Floor Brace. This is my first time handeling any parts from GT-Spec and I can say that I’m impressed. Great looking bars for a decent price. All of them have internal walls running through to add strength.

                JGY Front and Rear Ladder Bars.

                Xcessive Skid Plate. This thing is pretty beefy to say the least. Decided to go with this due to denting oil pans before. It’s made from steel instead of aluminum like some others.

                Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers with Swift main springs, helper springs, and roller bearings. Hopefully they’ll ride a bit better than the AGX’s.

                I’ve handled a few coilovers and the quality of these are on par with most brands in the same price range. What really swayed me to go with them was the fact that they are designed and built here in the U.S. and are continuously improving their designs. Really responsive customer service, a 1-year warranty on shocks, and a 5-year on all other parts.

                I found this interesting. Instead of just incorporating a slotted hole to adjust camber, this small plate was provided and can be rotated in the slot to adjust camber. Helps to keep both sides equal and won’t slip unknowingly.

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                  Nice car and setup.
                  Depending on the ride height, you may have a problem with clearance in the front with those wheels and coilover; at least I did.


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                    When I first mounted the wheel, it did contact the coilover. Looked exactly like your picture. All I did was unbolt, rotate that small plate 90 degrees, bolt back up. This gave me about .25" of clearance between the wheel and coilover. If for some reason I need more clearance, rotating the small plate another 90 degrees should give me an additional .25" of clearance.

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                      Mostly everything installed and ready to go. Didn’t get around to the fender braces, or skid plate. Come to find out, the trunk bar will need longer bolts. We ran out of daylight, so that may have to wait till this weekend maybe.

                      And how she sits now

                      Had to adjust the rear toe just to keep it from flying off of the road. Hopefully within a week or so, I’ll be ordering some SPL Ruca’s, putting those on, then getting an alignment. Pretty sure I’ll have to do a small pull in the rear once some camber is taken out. I’d like to shoot for around -1.5* camber in the rear.

                      Just for ****s and giggles, my neighbor happened to be home so I took a picture.

                      Hopefully the next time the car is in the air I’ll be able to do the brakes, diff, upgraded clutch fan, fender braces, etc.
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                        Looks good man!

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                          Was feeling a bit nostalgic and looking over my S13 rebuild thread. Here it is if anyone was curious.


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                            I followed the link from What brake setup did you have? Did you fix the issue with the front bias?


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                              ^Whats that Brace looking thing above the Muffler?

                              Also do you have pics of the JGY Ladder bars you mentioned?

                              Super clean Kouki.