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2020 garage update

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    We all went out the Ridge this last weekend too. Here's Chris' car shooting flames lol


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      Late 2021 update -- finally doing z32 trans prep.

      Gonna pull the motor this weekend and start bolting some parts on finally.

      OSG twin plate, Mazworx intake manifold, 1000cc top feed injectors, gen2 GTX2867 (so I keep all my current hotside setup which has proven to be reliable...), and z32 trans with Alpha Omega adapter kit.

      Finished getting the z32 trans prepped today -- z1 short shifter, plus the rest of their kit.


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        Updates for the ether:

        Got everything back in the last couple days. Really impressed with this kit and how well it all went together. I didn't get the driveshaft from Alpha Omega because cost + shipping so I ordered the Mazworx z32 driveshaft, which fit perfectly (not surprising, but hooray).

        Never installed a twin plate clutch before, but I'm glad I had a cut up input shaft to align stuff instead of the plastic tools.

        New (old lol) turbo:

        I did new Stage 8 locking nuts with this setup, and again welded the gate shut and tapped the compressor housing for boost reference.

        Transmission went right on, took about 30 seconds, so I guess I did something right (we'll know soon once it fires). The clutch pedal feels fine and seems to actuate just fine after bleeding. I also replaced the stamped steel clutch fork with a cast one from a 350z and chromoly pivot from Z1.

        Can't emphasize how much I love this lift:

        Shifter placement is pretty solid -- I was nervous that the stock rubber inner boot wouldn't work but it actually does:

        And pretty much stuck there until some parts show up -- waiting on some fuel line fittings, a piece of 2.75" aluminum pipe and a couple of new couplers to connect to throttle body, a couple of pigtails to make an extension harness for the speed sensor (this is z32 na trans/sensor so theoretically the speedo will work and be more or less accurate).

        The only things that really changed was having to cut one of the 3 legs off the downpipe that was interfering with the crossmember and building a new bracket that holds the back of the downpipe (connected to trans mount). Also I was running a Peak Performance poly transmission mount with a cut up stock bracket for the brace, but that won't work now. The z32 and s13 trans mounts are the same, so I have an OEM one in it right now with a Nismo trans mount on the way.

        Pretty pleased with how everything has gone, and excited to get it going.

        Oh also the Drive by Wire is all wired in and calibrated, so hoping that works in the car as well as it did on the bench. Using a 350z pedal (same pattern as s13) but spaced 1" out from the bracket. Gonna have a buddy make me a block/spacer piece that moves the pedal up 1/2-1" and spaces it out 1". Should be simple.

        Pretty much all of this was a waste of time and money but fun project to tinker on the last few weeks after a couple years of collecting parts.