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2020 garage update

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  • 2020 garage update

    So, I've finally started throwing some money at my 240 again, After a year lighting dollars on fire trying to get a shitty MR2 going, I cashed out and started some parts acquisition for the s13. Been doing more track days and driving it more so figured it was time to start updating it.

    I have a basic bitch NRR s13:
    Built SR with gen1 gtx2867
    OSG 1.5way
    Koni 8611s all around, plus SPL and all that
    s14 rear subframe
    Front spindles made by logr on here years ago for roll center correction
    17x9.5s all around with 255s (right now I have a set of RS4s and a set of a052 magicsauce)
    etc etc

    Most of these new parts won't get installed until fall, and none are as cool as a VVL head, but this is what I've got going.

    Firstly, I finally put a roll bar in the car, which was long overdue. Friend of a friend did the work and he did an excellent job:

    I did some panel trimming and then bought an LRB rear seat delete that I upholstered in the car. Happy with the results (good enough for who it's for!)

    On the parts front I'm an old man and really want cruise control so I wanted to go to a DBW setup. And since I had some money burning a hole in my pocket...

    The plan is to use BRZ throttle body and 350z pedal to make it work. A friend of mine cut me a flange for the FA20 throttle body so just need that welded on. I bought some 1000cc EV14s but I'm thinking I maybe grab some ID1350s instead.

    I mentioned in the MR2 thread that I bought a Link ECU for this car too. Really nice to have sophisticated management finally, though slightly regretting getting a PnP version as I'm using a lot of extra inputs.

    I've added fuel pressure and oil pressure sensors and it's all set to go for DBW. Also added flex fuel for good measure though that may get repurposed as e85 is hard to find around here. Plus the GaugeArt Cangauge in the nice little holder that replaces the vent:

    Not pictured is the new Radium FPR to finally replace the OEM one.

    The big part that I haven't acquired yet is the new turbo and manifold: I'm eyeing the g25-660 as the next move as I want to be able to turn up the power to scare myself on the street a bit more. Going to attempt to have a friend build me a bottom mount setup for it, though packaging may be too much of a bear. Otherwise I may just buy the Mazworx kit.

    Anticipating that my SR trans will be unhappy with my new clutch:

    I also picked up a Z32 5spd and got in on the last group buy for conversion kits from Alpha Omega in Australia. Beautiful kit and what looks to be very good fitment:

    As for other cars, I bought myself a coronavirus tinker project in the form of an old shitty classic bug. Never owned one, never driven one, but have a local friend who knows his way around and it's ridiculously cheap to play with.

    Rebuilt the motor with new pistons/cylinders and just general cleaning:

    And I bought myself a fun new daily driver shitbox that I love:

    Still have the BRZ and the Miata, too. BRZ gets the most use because of autocross, but I went to Miata Reunion in October (last one boohoo) and got to do a bucket list track day:

    And the only reason I have an appetite to work on stuff any more is because of my new favorite garage tool:

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    And even with COVID made it to a couple track days this year so far. Did an Oregon Raceway Park day in March on A052s which are amazeballs and wear terribly:

    And my first trip to the Ridge Motorsports Park in Washington where I took RS4s which aren't great but I drove like an idiot all day and they still look brand new:

    Only done about 35-40 autocross runs this year in the BRZ, also on A052s, and they're even better on a chassis that isn't a wet noodle.


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      What's that lift setup?

      I need to do engine out and clutch on my SW20 - I figure buying a small lift makes sense at that point.

      The Quickjacks don't seem to lift up high enough from limited research.

      Also - how high are your ceilings? I have mostly the standard ~8' stuff around my garage, but I do have one forward bay that's got like 9'+ ceilings for most of it. I'd have to rearrange the garage to pull a car there, as it's mostly the "work on shit" area.
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        Twin Busch s3-19. 73" of lift or something. I have 10ft ceilings, thankfully. It's an open center, 31" between the pads.

        I added 2 pairs of race ramps for the lower cars.

        The last project I did on my mr2 was Wilhelm geometry kit (and rear subframe replacement when one of the captive nuts for the toe arm quit being captive) and it was a breeze.


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          Think it provides enough access to do engine/trans/rear subframe out without fouling on the pads?
          '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

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            Yeah it should. I wish I would have had it for both engine pulls from my car.


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              Nice garage upgrade, but where do you live that they still have wooden bridges?
              Don Johnson (really!)
              Just so you know.


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                I bought the car in Astoria which is on the coast. It's a pier.


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                  Scored a couple of Recaros from craigslist -- Profi XL. They're actually a touch big for me but once I harness in they're fine. Much nicer quality/material than the Sparco, but I'm probably keeping it around just in case.


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                    New shiny things.

                    Thanks for the brakes Tom!

                    These go nicely with the fronts:


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                      Damn, NRR life must be paying nicely!

                      Seriously, what are the MCS going on? S13?
                      '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

                      DefSport Koni Sleeve and Spring Perch Buy!!!


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                        Yeah, reaping TONS of financial reward from running this place lol.

                        Yeah, everything for s13. BRZ already has MCS remote doubles, and miata is on Xidas.

                        Ordered my driveshaft for Z32 transmission swap and clutch install shortly, then onto Intake manifold and DBW. Then retune. Then disappointment, then probably new cams, and maybe the Mazworx G25 turbo kit...

                        Side hustle has been going well so everything getting paid for from garage economy money, hooray!


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                          Are you going to run the 240 in Street Mod or is it just a track day car ?
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                            Gave up on SM a while ago, which is why I bought the BRZ. It's a full prep STX car.

                            240 is just for track days which makes all this spending extra stupid but here we are. A buddy and I have a good side hustle of parting out and flipping cars here and there; mostly subarus and miatas, so I'm really only buying spendy parts because they're 'free.'

                            I still have a set of old A7s kicking around but it's hard to go back to the 240 since the BRZ is a great chassis and very well set up for parking lot nonsense.


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                              I'm sure the STX build must be a lot of fun too. Do you take it to national events?
                              SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC