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    ​​So we have a new Z on the horizon.

    First look video:

    The reveal video:

    What are everyone's thoughts? Love that it will have a 6MT, turbo V6, and I like the overall shape. Not a gaudy over-designed design so it's a nice departure from current trends.

    The front is killing me though. Looks unfinished with just a huge very basic rectangle? Is that the best Nissan designers can do? I do like the rear and side profile. At least looks the part to make a good race car template! Looking forward to weight and distribution, etc.

    edit: How about some pictures:

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    Currently, I'm not a huge fan of the exterior cosmetics. It's a 370Z with different bumpers and lights. The interior is probably the best visual improvement IMO. The rear of the car has potential to look rad from the aftermarket, the front I'm sure could look decent with the aftermarket touch as well, but the car is almost 100% 370Z between the wheel arches. I get that it's still based on the same architecture, but at least give it a try Nissan, lol. Not a fan of the naming convention changing from displacement to horsepower for the US market. I think it would have been cool to go back to 300ZX (the X being the turbo naming convention). Especially because the Z32 was the basis for the tail lights, even though it looks more like an aftermarket S14 tail light, lol. I'm sure it'll drive great though, and we'll see if the engine gets a bit hopped up / changed from the redsport or not. Major props for keeping a manual option these days. It may be less efficient, but I still like banging gears in a sports car. (Personal Site)
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      I added pictures in the OP. The more I look at it, the more I like it and think it's their best attempt yet to capture the original design. Funny you mention the 370Z in between the wheel arches, which I think is a good thing since that's the best part of that car. This is also 5-6" longer wheelbase than the 370Z from what I'm reading so that's interesting.

      Looking forward to seeing one in person and how driving dynamics are out of the box, what diff, weight, etc. The fact they have it as a manual (both trans AND parking brake!) is a huge plus. If they nail it, they'll have a successful car.
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        I don't love it but I've also never been super smitten with Z's.

        I'll wait to see what actually gets released, though. The rendering of the lowered one looks pretty good:


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          The headlights are kinda funky and upper black front grille/bumper area are the biggest negatives to me.

          I like the back end. Middle of car is 100% 370Z, but honestly, knowing what a shit show Nissan is right now, that should be no surprise that they're trying to recycle 80%+ of the car. It's probably the only way the numbers made sense to even update it.

          I think they could have done a more updated Z32 300ZX, vaporwave style and it'd be a huge hit. Then again, I think the Z32 is my favorite out of the whole lineup.
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            Overall, I like the new Z. Pretty cool that they kept it 6MT and will be turbo? Didn't know that aspect until i read this thread.

            My least favorite part about it is the rectangle in the front bumper from a front view as stated by Gills.

            In terms of it reusing the 370z, I'm ok with that since I never really liked the rear bumper size/styling of the 350/370.

            I haven't had a lot of strong feelings for many of the sporty cars out, that i could likely budget for in 1-2 years. Sure, there are cars that I like and would love to drive but the feeling of having to buy one for myself hasn't come to me since I first fell in love with the E46 M3 (i just traded mine in after 10years ownership).

            I'm hopeful for the new z and that it turns out to be something awesome. The renderings I've seen are pretty sexy and might actually make me want to be buy one.
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              Saw this slight fix to the front end and it does wonders for the overall look of the car. Hopefully Nissan takes note...
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                I don't dislike it. I personally want to know the full package. Price, options ect. Currently in Canada you can get a base 370z for really cheap...I hope they still stick to that somehow...


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                  Overall, I think the car should be a pretty big upgrade over the 370, but I’m hoping it can handle more than a couple laps before limp mode.

                  Exterior wise, the rear feels bland. It needs a duck tail type spoiler or something to break up the rear. I liken it to the Audi A7 rear...
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                    Feels like it's a race between getting the car out and the company failing entirely.


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                      I will be very surprised if the front bumper stays the same. I believe there is a requirement for minimum vertical surface area to reduce pedestrian injuries in an impact. I like the silhouette and back end quite a bit, but the way they package it out will be the make or break I think. A spot package with no nav, leather, auto cruise, etc, but with larger brakes and LSD would be perfect for the people that would buy this over the plusher competitors.