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Advice on brake setup for 240SX S13

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  • Advice on brake setup for 240SX S13

    Hi everyone, I've done some research on the brake setup and decided to get Z32 calipers front and rear from PBM, since it's the most cost effective option nowadays.
    I have a 92 240SX Fastback without ABS

    I wonder what would would be the best options for brake master cylinder and brake booster considering the Z32 caliper setup?

    I assume it's the 17/16" MC instead of the 15/16"?

    Should I keep my stock non abs s13 brake booster or upgrading to a b13 booster would be a significant improvement?

    I'll be taking the car to various track days, and my goal is to have a good brake balance and a good brake modulation ability. I don't mind the firm brake pedal, moreover I actually like when the brake pedal is firm.

    Thank you for any advice!

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    I've run all 3 different brake masters with f/r z32 setup. I think I landed at 15/16" as my favorite, and just left oem brake master.


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      Originally posted by e1_griego View Post
      I've run all 3 different brake masters with f/r z32 setup. I think I landed at 15/16" as my favorite, and just left oem brake master.
      Thank you for your input! So with 15/16" and stock booster how is the brake pedal? Is it easy to modulate the braking force, it's not acting like an on-off switch?


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        Yeah that's why I ended up with it. Stated with 17/16 and worked my way down.

        I'll try to call you confirm from my ebay invoice lol.


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          I agree with the 15/16". For my setup, the 17/16" was a little soft at the top of the travel and then it kicked in 1/3 of the way down. The 15/16" was more linear.
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            Thanks guys, 15/16" and stock S13 non ABS booster it is then


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              I liked a 1" MC with the smallest booster you can get (B13/B14 small engine boosters are a bit less assist than the non-ABS S chassis booster). It's a firm pedal, but a reasonable amount of force. 15/16" would work too, just going to be less force on the brake pedal so it depends on your control feel preference.

              On Wilwoods with 1.63" 4 pot or the 6 piston setup, you want a 1" or 17/16" booster. 15/16" is too small.
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                Can't find the 15/16" master cylinder anywhere. I'm referring to this parts list:

                and it seems that the only 15/16" master cylinder 46010-30P10

                Are there any other aftermarket ones?


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                  Yeah you're going to end up getting something else -- the last one I bought was a Federal Mogul NOS.

                  BM44 is the 15/16"
                  BM50 is 1"
                  BM57 is the 17/16"

                  Usually that's cast into the body, regardless of rebuilder/manufacturer.

                  And make sure you get the one that has right flare fitting in the middle port. This is the extra fun part of this game. I think late z31 masters work perfectly in this respect.

                  edit: here's a used OEM bm44 with middle flare fitting:

                  edit 2: reman that looks like it has middle fitting too.:
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                    Good to know, thank you! I did some research and I think I'll get Raybestos MC39793
                    Looks like it has middle flare fitting as well:

                    Bore diameter is 0.938 in / 23.825 mm, so that should be good, plus as far as I know Raybestos is a reputable brand.

                    P.S.: Worst case scenario, the flare fitting could be used from my old master cylinder?


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                      You have to cut out the flare if you need it. It's been documented online but it might be zilvia.