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Replace the OEM camber adjustment bolts?

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  • Replace the OEM camber adjustment bolts?

    My S13 already has adjustable rear upper arms and adjustable front camber plates.

    I'm in the process of tearing half the car apart and doing wheel bearings and also installing a barely used Koni/GC setup I picked up from another member here on the board.

    Are their any pros and cons to replacing the OEM camber adjust bolts front/rear with a regular bolt while I have everything apart?

    Although I was wondering if using a standard bolt would cause a loose fitment of the strut(front) and RUCA(rear)??

    I expect to have plenty of adjustability with the upper plate up front and the adjustable RUCA out back.

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    There's no advantage to using a regular bolt but the disadvantage is that without the OEM bolt with it's large flanged head, there will be nothing to positively hold the bolt in the slotted hole except bolt tension.
    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.