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S14 Koni sports/GC/Deluboz plates, putting it all together, some questions

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  • S14 Koni sports/GC/Deluboz plates, putting it all together, some questions

    So I'm putting my Koni sport/yellow set up altogether, and had some questions regarding the top hat set up in the front. It seems like (from pics) that everyone is centering their top hat on the smaller, tapered part of the strut (so the top hat is resting on the main, thicker shaft). I ran into a problem where the top hats I got from T^3 were too thick to be bolt up that way (no thread space up top to bolt the top nut) and also the ID of the top hat (20mm) is almost as big as the OD for the spacer that came with the Ebay/Deluboz camber plates, this looks kinda scary to have everything resting on that few mms.

    I actually talked to T^3 and he recommended that I center the top hat around the shaft, citing that the thin tapered part shouldn't see that much bending forces. So I guess the first question I should ask is, does it matter where I center the top hat?

    Also, FYI, the Deluboz camber plates come with what seems like a 18mm ID inner bearing and a 14mm top nut with built in sleeve with two steps/ODs, 18 and 22mm. He does not have any other top nut sizes.

    Thanks guys.

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    Deleted. Found what I was looking for, mostly some common sense.

    Where can I find top hats with a smaller than 20mm ID (seems like 14mm would work best) and with a thickness that's less than what the T^3 ones are (about 1"). I can't really find any places that sell these individually and give you the information you're seeking.
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      My top hats from GC are 22mm diameter and fit over my 8611 shafts, this puts the centering load on the shaft.
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