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300zx rear shocks on s14?

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  • 300zx rear shocks on s14?

    I was wondering, would 300zx rear shocks fit on the s14? I know that the s14 has a very long rear shock body, but don't know the dimensions of the 300zx shocks... Someone locally is selling rear shocks for cheap so I was thinking about picking them up so my girlfriend can use my car. ( car pooling in my mr2 is not cutting it for her )

    Also, would it fit in with tein upper mounts, or would I have to reuse the stock uppers too?

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    If they are Bilsteins they can be modified to work with the S14. Otherwise I don't think they will work. You will also need the 300zx uprights.

    BTW, if you don't get these, and they are Bilsteins, please let me know.


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      Well, that's not quite what I was wanting to hear... thanks though...

      The problem with my car is that I'm on 300zx rear uprights right now. Thankfully richard is working on my suspension so hopefully I'll be rolling again soon. In the meantime though i'm kinda stuck driving only my mr2 (3rd gen) and the girlfriend is not liking the small, low car with race buckets for everyday usage.

      The struts in question are just some old stock struts from a local forum.


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        They should physically bolt in place with the rear Z32 knuckle, but IDK if the are the same length.


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          Originally posted by float_6969 View Post
          They should physically bolt in place with the rear Z32 knuckle, but IDK if the are the same length.
          Couple of inches shorter.

          You MIGHT could make it work for a temp fix


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            The Z32 rear bilsteins have a ~2" spacer in them that can be removed to get more travel (included in bilsteins $65 revalving fee if you request it).

            Here's the shock sizes for reference:

            Z32 rear shock:

            extended - 21.14"

            collapsed - 14.88"

            So it can be ~23.14" fully extended with the spacer removed.

            For reference the 3000GT rear shock which does work on a S14 with some modification to the rear mounting point on the shocks is:

            23.48" extended

            15.63" collapsed


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              Can you include the S14 extended and collapsed measurements in your post? That would be good information to have in one spot.


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                I don't have those written down on my piece of paper - since Bilstein doesn't make S14 struts in America I couldn't get the specs from them.

                If I remember correctly the S14 strut lengths for a stock strut are somewhere around 24 or 25" fully extended and I don't remember the collapsed size.


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                  Shoot, I haven't checked here in a while... Anyway, thanks for the information, it seems like richard will be sending me the rear shock bodies as soon as his powdercoater gets them back to him, so I'll be back on the road soon anyway