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Rebound and compression adjustment on koni 8611

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  • Rebound and compression adjustment on koni 8611

    Well hopefully soon mine will be here so I thought I'd ask and I'm sure others could find this beneficial.

    My Koni 8611s should be here as Richard will be shipping them today/this weekend.

    Where are the adjusters? Bottom of shaft? Top of shaft? Which one is compression which one is rebound?

    How many clicks? Left/Right to turn? If it's not the click system, does it reach an end when it maxes out on turns one way or other way?

    Tips on fine tuning the dampers to begin with? I'll be running on an s13 stripped interior 600lbs/inch front and 450lbs/inch rear. Rebound? Compression?

    Any other useful info please post
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    The instructions that come with them explain the adjustment. Top rebound counterclockwise = more rebound, bottom compression clockwise = more compression.
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      Yea...instructions, what he said. 600/450? Damn son. R comps?

      For adjusting them, Koni has a very basic procedure on their site somewhere.
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        No only ****ty 255/40/17 azenis for now... but alas... i'll be buying another set of rims and some maybe used r comps for track days. Probably should have went with slightly lower spring rates to begin with then swapped the heavier spring rates when I get another set of wheels and r comps but oh well its all good
        "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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          I thought I found a webpage that had these instructions but can only find it in a PDF now.

          Page 34 shows how to adjust rebound on the 8611/10. Last page describes how to tune them. Compression on 8611 is at the bottom and what Def said.