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Specing Out Bilsteins for Revalving

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  • Specing Out Bilsteins for Revalving

    Ok, so I am just about ready to order my Bilsteins and I am going to have Bilstein revalve them. I'm ordering the 3000GT front strut inserts and Z32 rear shocks. They said they can remove the ~2" spacer they have in the Z32 shocks to make them work for my S14.

    Basically I don't want to just tell them "I'm using XXX spring rates valve them for that". I had been talking to Wiisass back in June/July before I got laid off to spec out the way the shocks should be valved. I have shot him a few PMs but haven't heard anything back lately so figured I'd make a thread and see if anyone else could do this for me.

    I've got some 7" 400lb springs I can run in the rear and was going to order some 6" 500lb springs for the front - unless someone would suggest running something else. I'm going to be lowering my car more then most people would on this web site. It is a DD more then anything else and I do some local drift events and am planning on doing a HPDE this Winter.

    I want the car to feel neutral for the most part. I want it to rotate very easily - I'd basically like my car to behave the way it does now with my 7k/6k JICs but not ride as violently. The JICs make the car feel good, they are just over dampened and are slightly bouncy.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I know more and more people are looking into this suspension set up so I figured this thread could benefit everyone.


    This is my ride height now, just for reference:

    I plan on keeping that same height but would like the option of being able to lower it more for photoshoots or whatever.

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    Sorry, been busy, check your PM's in a little bit.


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      please post what you end up getting and how you like them. My car is at close to the same height, and I sorta like the idea of NOT going the Koni route.