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Finally biting the bullet on Koni/GC

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  • Finally biting the bullet on Koni/GC

    Sold my coils and now I'm looking at what to buy for parts. I DD my car and I'm looking to start a little local auto-x. I have an S14 and I'm wondering how much of a difference I'll see in most applications with 8610 or 8611 rears as opposed to yellows. I have a parts list but I'm still wondering if its complete, I've read the other threads but I'm still a little lost.

    Richards housings
    GC setup including tophats
    wanting project mu camber plates but who knows
    torrington bearings for the spring bottom
    obviously the konis (should I get them pre valved for my weight from them?
    z32 uprights if I do change the rears
    new bearings for the uprights?
    I know theres a torrington bearing type setup for the top but I wasn't sure if thats included in the GC setup

    Let me know if anything is missing guys and any advice you have for the rears would be great. I'll be buying a new front sway bar and I'd like to pick up some adjustable arms but I'm not sure what to buy without knocking me into different classes when I start racing. Thanks in advance for any info

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    There is nothing wrong with the Yellow rears if you are on a budget. They are valved decent enough, as long as you are running less than a 400-450 lb spring in back (which you probably will).
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      I was thinking something along the lines of 400F 350-375R


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        thats probably a little close front to rear, since its a DD you could run like 400f/300r or so
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          Thanks for the info, didn't know what to do in the rear... wasn't sure if that was gunna shortchange me going that low
          So my list is complete from what you guys can tell?


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            Is $110 a lot to pay for rear tophats? I'm thinking it is but I have no idea


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              Nope, not if they're quality pieces. I'd consider that to be a good price if they're well-made in the US, Europe, or Japan.
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                They're tanabe if that means anything. Really want tein but I can't find them online