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Tein HE revalving question

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  • Tein HE revalving question

    Hola amigos

    I've got Tein HE's on the car...and frankly, they suck. Valving feels like crap (granted the shocks are around 5 years and countless miles old now), and I'd like to revalve over the winter and go w/ 9/7 rates (have the standard 8/6 right now) and lose my rear sway bar. However, I've debated the 8610/GC/Rich's mounts idea as well....but since I've already for coilovers, could Tein revalve them for slightly higher rates and give me better adjustment on rebound/compression than what I've got?

    Also, I'm thinking of going with 8/7 rates, and still losing the rear sway...and possibly upgrading the front sway to something adjustable...but not too thick as our autoX pavement sucks and I'd rather not reduce mechanical grip.

    I'd like to make the car pretty neutral in terms of suspension setup, and then dial out anything I don't want w/ an alignment....or two or three....haha

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    Not to be too rough on them, I think it generally goes like this...

    "It's hard to polish a turd."

    I'd say just sell 'em off and look into some better dampers. I've also heard "bad things" about more than a few "JDM" coilover companies pocketing the "revalve fee" and delivering their typical cheap off-the-shelf dampers to people.
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      hehe sell them off to the jdm tyte crew for bling bling
      "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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        AFAIK, Tein HE was popular with the drift crowd and then discontinued. They're probably still worth good money.
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          No, not really.
          Most any half way intelligent guy who's been around for a while knows these coilovers are pretty pathetic in terms of valving.
          I hate to say it, but I would bet some MR coilovers would fetch more cash just b/c people know they go lower...(sad but true).

          Tein is one of the few truly reputable "JDM" companies. They know shocks pretty damn well. Though the "Super Drift" coilover name just makes me laugh.

          I'd love to get the valving of their Monoflex I'll talk to 949Racing... Emilio has the hook up with Tein Japan.

          I'll report back for anyone interested to see what I can find.


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            Tein valving really isn't anything special, I've seen a great deal of shock dyno's from them.
            Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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              So have I, but I'm not going for a standard revalve.
              I find it funny that so many people bash Tein in the 240sx world....but Miata guys love the Flex system, and have dynos to prove that they're better than anything else in the $1300 range.

              Btw Rich, not bashing you guys, just speaking from experience...esp. since most of the 240sx community is pretty naive.


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                Their shocks seem to behave about the same as any other "JDM" type shocks. Not really digressive, so the piston design is likely similar as all the other stuff.
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                  I've read hours of debates among Miata owners and most of them I wasn't impressed with how they were reading the dyno charts.
                  Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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                    Well, I chatted with Emilio @ earlier. I've talked with him before during the design and production of the 6UL wheel and his new coilovers he's working with Tein on. They aren't like every other JDM coilover. They of course have some things in common. But for years, on every other car forum and car group (WRX, Evo, Miata, RX7/8, other Mazda groups, and others) I've talked with (that new what they were talking about, to some degree), they rated Tein above the rest of the suspension options out of Japan. And they had lap times and numbers to back up their statements. Granted I know lap times are also dependent on the ability and skill of the driver, but as I (and others) have said....lap times don't lie.

                    Anyway, Emilio told me this:
                    They will revalve to any spec you want. If you have a dyno of the stock damper, you can draw the curves you want and they'll do it. If you simply want them valved for stiffer springs, just tell them. You can also include in your order, notes about your car. Nakai almost always asks me what tires the car is using as they all have different spring rates and affect the valving spec. Tein does not do any shady rebuild service. If yu pay for a rebuild, that's what you get. Pay for rebuild and custom valving and that's what you get.



                    My suspension overhaul is a ways off b/c of school, work, bills, etc, but the Koni/GC/Richard's mounts is a bit more than what I need. I'm a novice driver, imo, so working with what I've got should do fine....for now.

                    I do want much much better low speed damping though. Every JDM coilover I've ever driven on sucked in this dept. b/c well....subpar valving.
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                      I have a set of HE's that I purchased new. I have used them for DD, AutoX, and Drift for the last 4 years.

                      Yes, they do have too much compression damping for street and AutoX but I've always found that the rebound damping has controlled hits on the street and expansion joints well on the first stroke even after 4 years of hard use.

                      FWIW - The spring rates are now on the soft side for faster drift corners (not because the springs have lost rate or the dampers have worn out but because I'm pushing it harder now) and I need to bump up the stock 6kg/4kg rates or upgrade from the factory swaybars for drift use. I haven't done it yet because it would make it even worse for AutoX so I've dealt with it.

                      I'm in the process of deciding on which double adjustable setup I should replace them with.

                      I did have occasion to use Tein's rebuild service once. My damper rod got snapped in two after I got rear-ended. I sent the damper back to Tein's service shop to replace the busted parts and rebuild it to off the shelf specs.

                      Their service shop did a good job with good customer service and had the normal 4 - 5 day turnaround.

                      Of any of the 'JDM' suspension companies Tein is one of the few I'd trust for service. Their service shop will work with you and give you what you want within the limits of the dampers. The do all the work in their CA location unless you have a Japan only high end race model then they have to ship it back to Japan for rebuild.

                      They do charge $25 per damper for a 'Damping Force Dyno Chart'

                      If you call them directly you'll be able to get a better feel for what they have to offer.
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                        Aren't the HE's off the shelf spring rates 8kg front and 6kg rear?


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                          8/6 kg/mm.
                          I'm going to look more into the revalving and talk with Tein directly when the time comes. Right and taxes is all that is on my


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                            If I remember right the HE's are 6/4 kg/mm but I'd have to double check on the car or in my owners manual. Stance, Megan, etc are all 8/6 kg/mm.

                            The HE replacement 'Super Drift' units are 10/8 kg/mm! Swaybars? I don't need no swaybars (or I run slicks and corner like a mofo)!
                            The Nerd shall inherit the podium for knowledge is power.