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My soon to be koni setup :) Help me out

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  • My soon to be koni setup :) Help me out

    Okay well, I should be getting the dineros hopefully soon.. if all goes well (tax return)... if not then nope, this will wait and i will cry (wife already told me to spend it on a treadmill LMAO although it would come in handy I miss being the shape I was) but lets hope all goes well nothing goes kablemo with the tax return heh.

    Anyways I've had my eye on this for quiet some time... but now I need to break it down seriously... as everyone has a different setup here...

    What I'd like to do is something to the level of mccoy's setup and aceinthehole's.. meaning i want to run fat rubber front and rear (i plan to go LSx...) I saw what mccoy did with the MEGA tall 275/40/17 setup... so I reckon if he can do it, I have better chances here with a 285/30/18 18x10.5" +15 RPF1s setup (3mm more inner clearance if i recall + shorter tire + less bulge... perfect right?... -- of course more expensive. In the meantime I will run my ****ty 225/45/16 skyline rim setup unless I can find some cheap 17x9 light wheels, but I do want to within the year get 285/30/18 18x10.5+15 rpf1 setup...

    I want to make sure to have maximum damper travel as well as I want grip not looks here... Mccoy you run what a 6" 450lbs spring for the front? That sounds descent. Ace runs 500 or 600 I forget?... I want to wait and run 450 first to see how it is... Your Mom was complaining that he didn't have enough travel with his spring size? At the same time I don't want a 4x4 (as none of us does) right now i have a 1.5" drop... could use another .5" maybe? or another 1" would look neat, I like your mom's signature pic.. thats about as low as id go.

    For the rear I don't know, but 400lbs and 7" seems right? but I'm giving it less emphasis... I want to get HLSD and s15 subframe down the line... probably going to be either running a whiteline swaybar at full soft or none at all... Definetely z32 spindles... (which Im still waiting for a response from that guy from FA that veil told me to contact+another guy from zilvia who is not responding hah).

    I have spl z32 tie rods and tc rods... and spl rear traction rod... will get ruca soon too, but I was waiting on them to release their new RUCA (s13/s14/s15 SPL designed RUCA)... I have hicas stopper.. so those are tierods instead of toe arms... not sure on the condition on them... i just want to go s15 subframe ultimately get rid of this hicas ****...

    So having said all that... what would I go on a package basis here... Veil's housings is a given, koni 8611 front and koni 8610 rear (from I'm in canada... ideas?...)

    From groundcontrol what would I ask from them?

    I also saw a post with some 'torrington bearings' two or three posts but thats it.. and i think it was mccoy he mentioned they gave much easier steering/better response (nice), but get dirty... that sounds interesting (minus the dirty part)... so if the dirt-issue can be resorted i'd like that...

    Other things to get? Does the GC package come with everything (springs, tophats, whatever? what does it come?) What extra things is there to get?

    Thank you guys... yeah I'm a newb compared to you + you all have hands on experience with this I've been mostly reading the positive results/hyping me up more than anything... I know the basics, I know what 'feels right' and I love to drive the car like a maniac, and I like quality and are usually patient rather than hasty having to learn hard way (never buy twice... buy once)lol...
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    +1 on this, I could definitely benefit from some answers in this thread.

    I was under the impression that the GC coilovers came with top hats and what have you so all you need is a camber plate/rear mount to put on top to complete the set up - I hope that is correct.

    Also I want to go as low as possible while allowing for as much suspension travel as I can, so I need some suggestions on a spring set up - I want 550/500 set up probably 7" springs if this isn't what I should run for what I'm looking for then let me know. I guess I'd run into coil binding issues if I lower it too much? Am I understanding that correctly?

    I'm not trying to jack your thread just hoping each others questions can help each other out, haha.


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      Most of us on here had old camber plates and top hats from previous setups, so we all have had to use different setups to make it work with what we each have. so otherwise you'll need to buy them. I'm sure richard has some recomandations.

      When i talked to richard last he was talking about changing the s13 flange position on the struts. That would help with lowering the car. But thats completely up to him and how he makes them. Like what Def said in my thread you don't need alot of travel with these high spring rates.

      6 or 7" coils seem to work but depend on how your camber plates and stuff mount up.

      the GC package doesnt come with much. Mine came with the just enough to mount the spring. I guess i should have taken more pictures.

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        maybe we need richard to post up an generic ideal setup, plates, washers, and spacers with the idea that someone could build from start. like stock suspension to deviant struts. currently he is ordering a bunch of stuff to make a varity of camber plates and top hats work with each.

        Most PM answers: F 17X9 +22, R 17X9 +35


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          Yeah like, I'm not a mechanical engineer, I finished computer animation and I'm working as IT (network/servers) right now haha... so although I frickin LOVE cars, can drive them like a maniac, and know what a RUCA is, LCA is, toe arm is, etc... and all that other mumbo jumbo I don't know everything... I know in fact little. I don't know what every each little part on a coilover is.. but the good news is, I really want to know

          Furthermore I want to know what exactly to buy and if I'm buying to know what it exactly does and to what extent. I hate to buy twice, I like to buy once (quality/good product).

          I am grip oriented, I will track the hoe, but I will DD it (as I always do hah its stripped naked inside), and will have an LSx and fat rubber so these are things for me to consider... I've already mentioned what and how I want... so I need to establish waht needs to be done. I don't care about drifting its fun and all but no. More mechanical grip, more response, Gs etc... that is all I care about...

          Plus its not very clear what one needs from GC, what comes from GC, etc... for example torrington bearings not sure what they are but like I mentioned despite the dirt issue (if it can be resolved) i want it as apparently as stated it woudl give less steering effort/better response (awesomeness!), what would one want/need as a whole then in conjuction to that.

          You know what I mean... Newb r us

          And essentially I like the ride height of your mom's car in the signature (bonus that I want RPF1s as well hehe..) i dont want to go lower (probably not anyways). I am anti stretch nazi, anti scraping frames nazi... obviously But you know 4x4 240s suck hehe
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            I might try to finish up the "guide" on the front housings I did. It might answer some questions.
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              I'll post pictures of what your average 240 GC kit comes with in a bit
              Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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                In addition to Def posting his walk through, when I get all of Epstein's together I'll post some pictures as well. Since I'll be making his a bolt up solution (which will more than likely be the one everyone else will follow with)
                Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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                  Sounds good guys
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                    Sorry for my delay in a response... to much of my time is going to work related stuff and whats left was used to get my S15 HLSD into the 240

                    You asked what I was running for spring rates up front. It is a 6", 550lb Eibach spring. If you want to keep the perch above the tire and go lower than I am, then I suggest you go with a 500lb or up in a 5" spring.

                    My GC kit was originally from a sentra and missing some pieces, so I had to piece my stuff together... I'd wait for Def or Richard to post up a kit that works, instead of going through what I did.


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                      The coilover kit is definitely the most annoying part. It's easy to find springs, but the sleeves are a bit trickier to find on their own, and figuring out what hats and other miscellaneous pieces you need is tedious. I'll also post my stuff up when it's done. Won't be for a while though.
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                        I'm sure that well come up with a good off the shelf setup that will work, with GC not really wanting to work with any of us for loose parts, it sure does make it more challanging.

                        Maybe Richard will be able to piece together kits for people that don't want to hassle with it, but that's totally up to him


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                          Where have you all been getting the GC stuff? I heard getting it through Koni is much easier and cheaper?


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                            My source was someone that builds custom suspension for the sentra guys... I probably used all my favors with him helping me to get parts from GC.


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                              lol lucky.

                              Well I want to make sure I can fit those crazy ass front tires basically... so thats why i was interested in your setup mccoy hehe. I would like to be height-wise where "your mom" is... (lol that guy should seriously reconsider his name how sneaky)

                              I'd be also interested in those tender rear springs that were mentioned as I want to run HLSD and s15 subframe down the line too... so might as well do it in one go... and of course last but not least... i want the most travel... im sure it can all be achieved... mccoy your springs seem reasonably what i'd want... aceinthehole is hardcore he runs what 600lbs front or something i forgot, i dont want to jump in on that until i get a feel for the 550lbs springs first..
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