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  • Budget Baller Wilwood Parts Sale

    I first want to start out with this: I'm posting this to help the community and because a couple people asked about it. We have not heard back from Richard in 3 weeks (Leetfade pm'd him about us posting this), so if there is a problem with this post, I will remove it no questions asked. I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

    With that said, I can save you all a pretty nice little chunk of change on all of the parts needed to complete the brake setup.

    We (Endurance Motorsports) can beat all of these prices:
    WIL-120-11133 FSL Caliper (x2) = $150x2 = $300
    WIL-160-2894 12.2x1.25" rotor (R) = $42
    WIL-160-2895 12.2x1.25" rotor (L) = $42
    Wilwood BP-10 pads = $60

    PM me for details as prices are too low to list. All orders will go through with a special order code for you guys.
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    Thank you, If veilside gives you **** tell him i pressured you...


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      PM sent!


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        I just spent 100 bucks on hawk pads for my FSL's and I think they may not fit. Will see what happens and if they don't I'll be back like ahnold.
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            PM'd hours ago. Please let me know what's up. I may be able to purchase these before the 4th.
            Originally posted by Matt93SE
            in engrish, it's all about the length of your shaft... :P


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              PM Sent!


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                Thanks for putting this up, Cody.

                For all of those interested, emailing to [email protected] will hit Cody and my phones and will usually get you the fastest response. I will see if I can adjust preferences on this forum to have PMs sent straight to my phone as well to make sure nobody is left hanging...

                We're excited to be able to offer this to the NRR community and hope to help out with the Budget Baller set-up sales as well!

                Also, we have opportunities for some "custom" work as well. Basically, if anyone needs to upgrade to curved vein rotors, our rep at Wilwood said they can accommodate (for a fee based on the application).

                We are direct with Wilwood now so please let us know what you need and we will be happy to take care of you.
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                  The p/ns I referenced in the original thread should all be curved vane rotors.

                  Great to see you guys helping extend the influence of budget ballerness everywhere.
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                    Yeah I found that out after I said that, Def. LoL. Cody corrected me... *shrugs*

                    Hey you built an awesome product. We'll do what we can to help it out!

                    Just to let everyone know, as we just got Wilwood as a vendor, we're still in the process of adding the parts to our site. We are going to get these parts added ASAP and build a custom NRR coupon code just for the members of this site. That code will allow you to add these parts (can search direct by the part numbers that Def provided), add the code, and get the special pricing.

                    This will give you the ability to pay by credit card or by PayPal. It will also assure you get all the proper pricing, receipts, etc.
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                      I just finished replying to everyone. Please let me know if you have been missed.
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                        I just realized the price list I sent you guys is missing the brake line kit. I can only beat the summit racing price by like $0.20.
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                          I've been missed
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                            Just as a head's up, we are having some issues with adding parts to the site at the moment. We are expecting to have this cleared up today but we can still do PayPal invoices if people want to order prior to it being corrected.

                            Once we get this piece resolved we will have a custom NRR coupon code for this set-up. We can include the brake lines and you can opt to buy them or not, completely up to you. We actually have some AP brake lines in stock that we can cut a nice deal on as well!

                            EDIT: Also, please keep in mind the prices we used for "Retail" when quoting you are the ones that Def posted. These are, pretty much, the average price on known sites. The MSRP is actually higher! For example, the calipers are MSRP of $161.95 but the retail we're using is $150. It just seems more accurate to say your discount is above and beyond what you'd already find them for. :-)
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                              Just for grins, what pricing can you give me on a pair of 160-0789 rotors?
                              I just bought two sets from Coleman, but I'm curious for future orders.
                              Originally posted by SoSideways
                              I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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