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Any GRID players here? (XBox)

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  • Any GRID players here? (XBox)

    Yea so i got talked into buying an XBox when i was console hunting by a bunch of Forza fan boys & so far the only game i like is GRID. Anyone here play online? I'm extremely bored.

    I bought F1 2010 a few days ago, awesome game but i'm not willing to spend 6 months of my life getting to know every corner on every track to be somewhat competitive online.

    Or i just might sell this damn Xbox

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    Tried it, sucked ass. Only decent thing was the tire smoke during drift mode.
    For XBox right now nothing can beat FM3. That is until NFS Shift2 comes out. I hear it's suppose to be better than FM in physics. Team that with the NFS Unlimited customization, throw in some real tuning and you got yourself a winner.


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      Well, to many people confuse games like GT5 & Forza to be "sim" games, only because you have to slow down a little more for the corners. GRID is more of a racing game then a it is a driving game... If you play GRID online, especially the Touring Cars, the competition is close & fierce if you find the right people that race clean. All people that own Forza wanna do is dress their cars up like their favorite car on SpeedHunters & drift.

      I know 2 people that bought Shift 2 & they hate it.


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        Hmm. I suppose. But I guess like every other game it's only good/fun with the right ppl.

        Have you done online circuit races on FM3?
        Some of them get pretty intense.

        And I guess I was expecting too much from NFS lmao.

        If you want you can add me: xKA240SX 808x
        Sounds fan boy but meh... Lol


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          Yea, there's already been 5 patches for Shift 2 (PC version). I was reading all of them on a gaming FB page.

          Main problem is the handling. Do a Google search for "Shift 2 Unleashed Review" & you'll read a few complaints about the game. Now, i'm not saying dont buy it...i'm just saying people are complaining about it, like they do everything else.

          If i keep my Xbox long enough, i might buy Forza 4 when it comes out since its the only way i can have any fun online since the game has so many followers. GRID's online support is actually dying out because the game is 4 years old now.


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            Yeah that was my main thing about GRID within a year of it coming out online play became less n less. Stared to the point where you were playing with the same ppl on a nightly basis but they weren't on your friends list lol.

            But yeah if you'd like you can add me. I do a bit of circuit racing. Mostly in private parties cause in Match making there's always that group that doesn't race clean. I also drift if you ever do, I'm so so. I spend most of my time tuning than racing so yeah.


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              Your right...if you dont find the right people to race against all you find are the "rammers"...assholes they are...& i also found myself racing against the same people...

              JB Quick
              I AM I SAID

              I cant remember the rest...but i sold Forza 3 to my buddy for $20, i guess i'll play with ya when i get Forza 4.