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    It's pretty good. I'm about 40% in, though I haven't played for 2 or 3 weeks. I played like 20 hours the first weekend I got it, haven't had too much time since.

    I prefer PC driving games over it, but it's the right mix of arcade and sim.


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      I know what Gran Turismo is like.. I'm just wondering if 6 is any different/better than 5. It looks remarkably similar to me.

      I'm wondeirng if it'll be another 3+ years before GT comes out for the PS4... and I sure hope they improve the engine sounds this time around....
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        I think the physics are the best of any version, and the suspensions move around a lot more.

        Being able to mod cars from the race screen also = winning.

        I played 4 a LOT and a bit of 5, but I'd say this is definitely the best version. It's down to $40 now (already).


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          I'm guessing that 6 was too far along to move its development to PS4 so they cut it short. I expect the next one to out soonish with way more features.