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Summit Point, November 2015

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  • Summit Point, November 2015

    Cut together some clips from summit point the other weekend.

    S14, S14SR, stock boost @ 12psi creeping to 15 sometimes. 255 RA1's, weight unknown.
    '95 240sx

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    Whos green S14 kouki was in the video?? I really regret not being able to make this

    Just a FYI, I agree with Will. I short shift to 4th when making the transition from 7 to 8th, and just mash it all the way until the bridge then I am on the binders HARD right after the hill under the bridge. T10 is a late apex, so I get most of my braking done straight (although it can be tricky) and I am mashing the throttle pretty much on turn in.

    I struggle with T1 as well as my tires are just not sticky enough for when I go hard on the brakes into T1 and end up having to modulate.
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      I blame Will's old tires that I'm running, and my unfamiliarity with trying to get the car slowed down from ~130mph. I'm braking at the 5 or 4.5 marker, and I feel like I should be braking at the 3.5 marker for turn 1. I'm fairly sure braking is my biggest area to improve my lap-times in.

      I'm getting to the limiter in 4th gear approaching turn 10 if I'm doing it right, but I think on both the fastest laps I turned that weekend, I locked up the brakes slightly going into turn 10, and that pushed me too wide to make the apex. I've also noticed that I've gotten more cowardly in the entry of turn 4 because I'm now closing in on traffic ahead MUCH faster than I have in the past.

      I never found out who the green S14 was that weekend. It MAY have been the most 240's I've ever seen at a track weekend; 6 including mine.
      '95 240sx