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NASA 240sx w/ SR swap classing?

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  • NASA 240sx w/ SR swap classing?

    I race in Alberta, and we are looking at addopting the NASA rules for next year. There are lots of reasons why, but simply the main two are that they are very inclusive of different cars, and someone else maintains them properly.

    I have been looking at the rules to see where my car will sit and of course don't have a starting point. What class/weight/points does a 240sx with an SR swap get? I can't imagine that there are not a few guys on here that know exactly without me having to contact the NASA and have the entire car re-classed...

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    look at performance touring rules. I haven't looked at the classing on a swapped car, but start with the car's base class and see where you are with the other mods too.

    240sxTTC also has quite a bit of experience with NASA classing, but you should still start with the rulebook for the base classing and build up from there..
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      Well the rules state that if the car has had an engine swap the car has to be reclassed by the National PT director. I guess I could contact him, but I figured he has done a few SR swaps already and that there is just a solid class/weight/ and points if applicable.

      Unless I am misunderstanding the rules, I can't start adding mod points until I have the starting class level from the PT director.


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        It's going to be a dyno reclass. So you need to know your minimum weight and submit a dyno graph. That will give you your base class then you start adding points for suspension and other modifications not including engine mods.

        There used to be a base class for sr20 swapped 240s but they changed their philosophy on that a couple years ago and removed all swapped base classes.

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          Ok, thanks. Guess I'll have to get a copy of my dyno sheet (which I chucked about a year ago :S) and send it in.


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            Just an FYI. If you dont have a copy of the rules they can be found here:
            Read through them thoroughly.

            PT rules can be rather complicated, which seem to be off putting to many people, but once you get a handle on them I've found them to be not so bad. The class (at least in the regions I've been to) seems to have always suffered car counts due it's complicated nature.
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              Joe D is correct, you'll need to request a re-class. However, I suggest you review the rules and determine the modification points you have minus any engine/ECU mods. This will be necessary when you request a new base class. After 19pts you go up class. Too many pts and you'll be competing too far above your base class and will be making less pwr than competition. Ideal situation is you compete in your new base class but difficult with S-chassis as suspension and sub-frame bushings are a lot of pts. Take a look at TT3 also. It's much easier from a classing standpoint and the car counts in Great Lakes and Midwest regions are great. Usually the highest car count of all TT classes. I'm switching to TT3 because TTB car count is low because most went to TT3.

              PM me if you have specific questions.
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