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    Any times from the full track at PITT Race?

    I took my new Honda CTR last weekend to a Chin HPDE and was able to do 2:06 on the stock street tires. Corded the fronts
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      Just added

      1:25.69 Randy Pobst driving the Motortrend LS3 S13 [255/40/17 BFG Rivals, 430hp, 2808#, KW coilovers]

      fun video if you havn't seen it.


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        nice how even Pobst couldn't decide at first if it was over or under-damped, while you can plainly see if bouncing around after bumps.. definitely under-damped.. easy fix though, assuming the knobs hadn't been tweaked yet.
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          Colorado track HPR full course, High Plains Raceway my best a year ago 2.10:1. on Maxxis tires RC-1 255/40/17. ka engine with 128whp.i was 2660 that day with driver. I have done a Vq37vhr engine swap this year but have not been on track with it yet.

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            I ran a 1:32.58 in my 5.3L S13 Coupe with some old junky Hankook RS3 v2s at Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos, Texas.

            There was recently a TNiA track day at COTA so I'm trying to get the times from my Nissan friends with a 302 swapped S13 hatch, ST-ish 350Z, and a stock GTR.
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              BridgeMoto 600 HP RB30-Swapped Nissan 240SX - (Track) One Take belonging to Alan, co-founder of BridgeMoto, was featured on the Smoking Tire. Matta Farrah stated that the owners fastest time that morning was 1:46 at Road Atlanta. Quite a bit slower than icantdrift!



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                Just did HPDE at Roebling Road in GA.

                3030 lbs S14 (with driver and 3/4 tank fuel), KADE with header/exhaust. Aluminum DS, S15 Helical, GKTech Front Sway, Adjustable arms, JDMbro coilovers, Toyo R1R 235/40R17.

                Best lap was a (estimated) 1:33.358 (based on video crossing the start/finish)


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                  Some of my lap times:
                  Laguna Seca
                  1.57.46(S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 255/40R17 nt01, Z32 f/r Winmax W5, kts coilovers, s15 LSD).

                  Thunderhill 3-Mile w/ bypass
                  2:19 (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 245/45R17 kumho ecsta v720, Z32 f/r HT10, kts coilovers, s15 LSD).

                  Thunderhill 5-Mile:
                  3.48.2 (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 255/40R17 nt01, Z32 f/r HT10, Feal 441+ 10/7 kg/mm, s15 LSD).

                  Sonoma Raceway:
                  2.16.6 (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 245/45R17 kumho ecsta v720, Z32 f/r HT10, Feal 441+ 10/7 kg/mm, s15 LSD).
                  Not a great time but still had a lot of fun.