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    was reading Lightning Lap in Car and Driver this month and was wondering where a modified Nissan would fit in. Then I came up with the idea for starting this thread. You guys post up your best lap times and I'll keep 'em organized here in the first post. Please include what tires you're running and your best guess on whp, please include a "?" if it's not dyno proven. I'll keep everything listed per track. Feel free to include your car set up (spring rates/dampers/tire pressures/etc.) in your post. I'm hoping to get a list of road race courses all across the country/world! If you drag race, go ahead and throw that up too.

    Autobahn South Course Joliet, IL
    1:39 eye-5 [S14 / 296 rwhp / Kumo XS 255/45/17 street tires, 2600# w/o me in it & a 1/4 tank]

    Autodrome St-eustache 1016 Bd Arthur Sauvé Saint-Eustache, QC J7R 4K3, Canada
    1.00.x workinprogressk [S13, Sr20det+gt2871r= <335?, splitter, 255/45/17 kumhoXS, full interior]

    Blackhawk farms raceway South Beloit, IL 61080
    1:24 Mutz22 [S13, 225/50/16 Starspecs, 125whp?]

    Bonneville Saltflats Utah
    186.5 mph fifth mile exit speed Moto IQ/Nerd Alliance [S13, 330 WHP, blown, gas, coupe (BGC) 1.5 to 2.0 liter]

    Buttonwillow CW#13 24551 Lerdo Hwy, Buttonwillow CA 93206
    1:58.028 Dave Norton [Spec Clutch Nissan S14 240SX Global Time Attack November 2012 4th place in limited RWD, UTQG >80 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 3s] *Tarzan Yamada took first place in Limited RWD with the Platte Forme a.g. BMW E46 M3 and his 1:50.755 shattered the existing class record that day.
    2:06 Tower240sx [400WHP, 255/40-17 R888's 2400lbs w/out driver]
    2:09.954 Racepar1 [245/45/17 RE01R, 120-130whp?, ~2450 w/o driver, drove like crap...]

    Cayuga Toronto Motorsport Park (not mosport)
    1:26 A-Ahmed (2009) [S13, KA (130whp?), 255/40/17 NT01, 2600 lbs /w driver + half full tank]
    Current fastest lap time is by Sasha Anis with his insane 350z (390whp+ NA now) and real racing slicks. I believe he did last 1:13.945? The second fastest was a higher 1:15? Most track day fools @ 1:30+

    Circuit Mont-Tremblant (8.1 mi) north of the village of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
    2.00.12 workinprogressk [S13, Sr20det+gt2871r= <335whp?, no splitter, 255/45/17 kumhoXS, full interior]

    Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, Texas 76234
    2:10.8 Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]

    Hallett Raceway Hallett, OK 74034
    1:32 CCW Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]

    Harris Hill Raceway San Marcos, Texas.
    1:32.58 FlatBlack [in my 5.3L S13 Coupe with some old junky Hankook RS3 v2s]

    Laguna Seca. Monterey, CA
    1.57.46 olegyef (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 255/40R17 nt01, Z32 f/r Winmax W5, kts coilovers, s15 LSD).

    Mid-OH Pro Course Lexington, Ohio 44904
    1:37.2 240sxTTC [S13, 2550# comp weight, 245 Hoosier A6's, 215whp]

    MotorSport Ranch-Houston, Angleton, TX
    1:47.0 CCW Def [S13 ~300 rwhp?, 2550# w/o driver]
    1:49.3 CCW, Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]
    1:49.8 CW Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]

    MotorSport Ranch 1.7, Cresson, TX 76035
    1:23.0 CCW Def [S13 ~300 rwhp?, 2550# w/o driver]

    MotorSport Ranch 3.1, Cresson, TX 76035
    2:30.1 Def [S13 ~300 rwhp?, 2550# w/o driver, on street tires I believe]

    Nelson Ledges Warren, Ohio 44484
    1:12.3 240sxTTC [S13, 2550# comp weight, 245 Hoosier A6's, 215whp]

    New Jersey Motorsports Park 2012 Rd. 4
    1:13.026 Frank Hart [Ultd RWD Aug 4-5, 2012 Global Time Attack 4th Place, S-Max Performance S14]*Group-A Racing Pontiac GTO set a class record of 1:05.808* that day.

    Road Atlanta
    1:32.19 icantdrift [10 year old NT555R2's (285/35R18 and 305/35R18) at this year's (May’16) Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta]
    1:34.19 icantdrift [(Oct’16) with the Z nationals event and did a Advan Neova AD08R (285/30R18 and 295/30R18)]
    1:46 BridgeMoto 600 HP RB30-Swapped RWD S14 on the SmokingTire

    Sacramento Raceway 1/4 mile
    16.96 sec @86 mph Gigapunk [S14, 116whp? 215/16?, Crappy stock All Season Tires, no wt reduction]

    Sonoma Raceway
    2.16.6 olegyef (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 245/45R17 kumho ecsta v720, Z32 f/r HT10, Feal 441+ 10/7 kg/mm, s15 LSD). Not a great time but still had a lot of fun.

    Streets of Willow Springs CCW Rosamond, CA 93560
    1:32.060 Sonethreecoupe [2460# w/ driver, ~130-140whp?, 245/40R17 Kumho Ecsta XS. 450/336 spring rates]

    Streets of Willow Springs CW Rosamond, CA 93560
    1:25.69 Randy Pobst driving the Motortrend LS3 S13 [255/40/17 BFG Rivals, 430hp, 2808#, KW coilovers]
    1:25.77 Motortrend 2013 Mustang GT Track Pack
    1:26.12 Motortrend 2015 WRX STI
    1:32.027 SoneThreecoupe [2460# w/ driver, ~130-140whp?, 245/40R17 Kumho Ecsta XS. 450/336 spring rates]
    1:32.67x Racepar1 [255/40/17 RT615, 120-130whp?, 2450 w/o driver]

    Summit Point Main , Summit Pt, WV 25446
    1:17.53 Trofeo [1st place TT2 both days, FTD both days, car now weighs 2508 lbs with driver, using 245 A7's]
    1:18.2 Trofeo [S13 competing in TT2, SR swapped, GT2860RS, 331 whp, 2550 lbs with driver, 245 R7's, 2nd in class, both days]
    1:23.45 Gawdzilla [S14 @ 3100#, 255 RA1s, ~330 whp]
    1:24 VQ35Goofus [2850# race weight, Continental slicks, 300rwhp]
    1:26.3 Sleepy_Steve [Stock SR, 255 RA1's, weight ~2700lbs]
    1:29-1:30 RalliartRsX [(3105 lbs with me in it and about 3/4 tank gas), SR20, 255 NT05 , ~290 WHP, Tein, Wilwood, etc]
    1:33 Sleepy_Steve [S14 ~2750 lbs (no passenger), 225 RS3's,

    Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
    1:42 CCW Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]

    Texas World Speedway, College Station, TX 77845
    1.59.6 Def CW [S13 ~300 rwhp?, 2550# w/o driver, street tires]
    2:04 Matt93SE [S14, DOT-Rs, ~150whp?, JDM yO coilovers, weight w/ driver 2690#]

    Thunderhill 3-Mile w/ bypass
    2:19 olegyef (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 245/45R17 kumho ecsta v720, Z32 f/r HT10, kts coilovers, s15 LSD).

    Thunderhill 5-Mile:
    3.48.2 olegyef (S14 - Stock KA (I/E). 255/40R17 nt01, Z32 f/r HT10, Feal 441+ 10/7 kg/mm, s15 LSD).

    Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PITT), Wampum, PA 16157
    2:06 Voidweller [2017 Civic Type-R, stock street tires]

    V.I.R. Full Course Alton, Virginia 24520
    1:54.633 Mike Skeen 1st place (out of ~50) 2012 UTCC by GRM [C6 Z06 Corvette, 580 RWHP, full interior, with A/C]
    1:59.545 03threefiftyz [NASA TT2 350Z, on cold tires, (391whp/3050lbs)]
    2:05 Doug Wind’s Dodge Neon SRT-4 fastest FWD at the GRM 2013 UTCC
    2:06.7 03threefiftyz [03 350z - Bolt-ons/3070lbs, Front splitter/Rear Wing, Giken and 275 Pirelli's]
    2:10.603 Anne Keller 24th place 2012 UTCC by GRM [C5 Z06 Corvette]
    2:14.9 Sleepy_Steve [S14, stock [email protected], 255 Maxxis RC-1's, 4.3 final and 1.5 way tomei diff]
    2:15.780 Crawford Anderson 31st place 2014 UTCC [2003 350z with 500# weight reduction =2750#, engine NA with bolt ons]
    2:16 VQ35Goofus [2850# race weight, Continental slicks, 300rwhp]
    2:16 Air [1992 LS13, 385whp/370tq, 2700# gutted, D2 coilovers, HLSD, 245/40 R6's] with video! see post #23
    2:24.3 Sleepy_Steve [S14 ~2630# with driver and w/ 255 RA1's, HP is also up to 149whp]
    2:30.6 Sleepy_Steve [S14 ~150WHP 225-RS3, 2950# with me and most of a tank in it]
    2:38 Sleepy_Steve [S14 ~150WHP 225-50 Azenis]

    Watkins Glen
    2:10.003 Gills [S14 VQ35DE swap, no aero, 1.5 way, 255/40/17 Falken RT615K+; 4.083:1 too short for the Glen]

    Willow Springs (big track)
    1:38.213 Racepar1 [235/40/17 RA1's (used/old), 120-130whp?, 2450 w/o driver]
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    I took my car to Sacramento Raceway (drag strip) for kicks right after I bought it and just before I gutted it.

    16.96 sec 1/4 mile @86 mph (great reaction time, and perfect shifting)

    HP & Tires:
    116whp? 215/16? Crappy All Season Tires

    100% stock, 164k mile, 1998 S14, with blown shocks.
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      Blackhawk farms raceway
      Best lap- 1:24 timed using a friend and a stopwatch.
      S13se with just seats removed,carpet, and sound insulation. Running 225/50/16 Starspecs, Bilstein 3000gt front shocks on 400lbs springs. Rear Bilstein rod end race shocks on 300lbs springs. Carbotech ax6 fronts in q45 brakes, axxis ultimates rear. 125whp if I had to guess stock ka with no breathers.

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        My best time on VIR Full:
        (from the only 14 laps I ever bothered to time with my phone based lap timer)


        July 24, 2011 in a 1995 240sx.


        Stance GR+ Pro Coilovers (4 years old)
        J30 LSD

        Stock Brakes w/ ducting on the fronts.
        Supper Blue.
        Hawk Blue pads.

        16x8 +15 RPF1's
        225-50 Azenis

        I felt like the car could have done another 3-5 seconds or so better if it was being driven by someone who really knew what they were doing, and especially if they had some more balls in the braking zones. Stock brakes w/ blues became marginal on greasy street tires in 105 degree heat.

        This year, going to r-comps and not having the instructor in the car any more (yay advanced group) should be worth a few seconds right?

        I'll let you deal with the formating how you want it in the origional post.
        '95 240sx


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          Steve is that 2:38 a typo!? 2:45.9 was the time of the fastest car C&D ever tested at VIR (Mosler MT900s). The new 638hp Corvette ZR1 only did 2:50. How does a 150hp 240sx spank a Mosler by almost 8 seconds? Is there more than one track configuration?


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            Yes there are several configs...I believe C&D uses grand east, which is a combination of the inner patriot course and outer full course:


            Steve was probably on the normal full course:


            although those wikipedia maps show the chicane being used on the back straight, and it's fact I don't know that I've ever seen it used

            EDIT: PS why is this in the for sale forum lol?
            '06 wrx - DD

            '89 s13 hatch - jackstand racing national champion


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              Correct, VIR full... same layout as the GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge.

              I agree on the chicane, I've never seen it used. By anyone. It seems such a shame if someone wanted to ruin one of the few 4000ft straights on the east coast.

              The 2011 UTCC was actually that Friday, and I recorded that lap two days later on Sunday. So the course layout and conditions were generally the same for the UTCC and my own lap. PTE qual times are ~2:18, and generally anything under a 2:05 is pretty quick. Crank out anything inside of two minutes and you're moving.

              Check the above link for detailed comparison to other cars. One guy in a DMV tagged and street legal 06 Z06 cranked out a 156.9.

              Either of the Grand layouts at VIR would take my little old car significantly longer.
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                c&d grand west vir

                grm utcc vir full course (ironically shorter than grand west)


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                  At MSR-Cresson 1.7 CCW: 1:23.0
                  MSR-Cresson 3.1: 2:30.1 (on street tires I believe)

                  TWS CW: 1.59.6 (street tires)

                  MSR-Houston CCW: 1:47.0
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                    Def, what kind of power is the s13 putt'n down?


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                      My most recent lap times from my favorite local tracks.

                      VIR Full - 2:16

                      Summit Point Main - 1:24

                      move this to either Events or General chat.....For Sale doesnt make any sense.


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                        comon guys, at least WHP and tires


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                          you mean i cant buy faster lap times? :-/
                          Originally posted by Jason M
                          I have no chance to win without the Giken...


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                            Autobahn South Course (Joliet IL) 1:39. Timed by transponder at the Redline Time Attack 2010. S14 / 296 rwhp / Kumo XS 255/45/17 street tires. Weight of car was around 2600 lbs without me in it & a 1/4 tank.
                            Chicago Region SCCA SM # 688
                            TSSCC SM # 688


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                              2460lbs with driver, estimated 130-140whp but never dyno'd, 245/40R17 Kumho Ecsta XS. 450/336 spring rates.

                              Streets of Willow Springs CCW

                              Streets of Willow Springs CW

                              I'm fairly pleased with the lap times, but I feel that I left at least a second and a half on the table, maybe more.
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                     CW/CCW SoW
                              1:04.837 CW HTM
                              ?? Chuckwalla
                              ?? BW13