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Exhaust/Header heat wrap

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  • Exhaust/Header heat wrap

    So I just order DEI titanium exhaust wrap for my headers since a lot of things are really close to my passenger side headers on my LS1.

    My question is should i paint the headers before I wrap them to make the header last longer from corrosion?

    I have Hooker LS1 S13 mild steel headers that came from factory with a cheap black paint. A simple scratch and it comes right off. I figure while i have the header out I just paint it with the high temp paint before wrapping it. But I figure I ask you guys with much more experience first.

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    Couldn't hurt to try I guess. Do you street drive the car much and/or park outside? My headers tend to dry off from residual heat after shutdown when parked inside and they're wrapped with cheap stuff.


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      This car will be driven 2-3 times a month on the street but I do keep it in the garage


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        If the paint isn't very durable, and you really want to protect them, I'd blast/strip it off, and paint it with some high temp BBQ grill paint and then wrap them.

        Honestly, with that amount of usage, I don't think you'll have a rust problem.

        The header wrap = rust thing comes from people wrapping mild steel headers on their daily drivers then complaining 5 years later that they're rusted out. When in reality, even without wrap they'd probably see quite a bit of rust in that timeframe.
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          Ok awesome thanks for the input. Im going to get that paint and do that this weekend


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            the dirt-tracker way to keep headers from rusting is to get them red hot and coat them with oil.. then wrap 'em..

            honestly I wouldnt' worry about it. My hotshot header was coated in JEt Hot from the factory, and then I put on a layer of DEI's wrap several years ago... It still looked new when I pulled it off a couple years later.
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              I wrapped mine a few years ago and didn't have any issues either. Although I coated the entire header in black silicone spray after I wrapped it. My engine bay gets a little bet when in the rain so this just helps the wrap not to resoak every time.