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Kevko LSx oil pan?

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  • Kevko LSx oil pan?

    Anyone use the baffled Kevko oil pan? They make one that will work nicely for my 240Z with a 5" deep sump. Got one positive response on their stuff, but it doesn't seem like there are too many people using them at this point.

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    Never heard of it till now. Are you on Silvia v8? Maybe someone there has used it, but it appears to me to look similar to the Sikky one. I can measure the length and depth of the sump on the Sikky pan if you want, but I think 9.25" sounds about right.

    EDIT: after looking at it further, it seems that the sump is to the back of pan, not to the front. I believe the inlet/outlet lines are to the back of the LS motors, which on those pans are right where the sump is... Maybe I'm wrong though.


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      Not on that forum. I think the 240SX has a different sump config. This is for an S30.


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        Ahh, I'm stupid. I missed that.