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  • KA24DE Swirl Control Valves

    First post and also new to 240sx so thanks for viewing and hopefully someone can direct me in the right direction. I have a 93 vert with a seized up engine. I procured an engine off of a '95 ( s14 ). I just want this thing running good and in stock condition ( planning on making it my daily driver, 120 miles a day ). Here's my question to the experienced ones out there, do I swap all the externals from my old engine ( has the SCV ) to the '95, or do I keep the '95 as is and just switch all the ecu components? From some of my reading I'm finding out that the 95's cam profile is different than the 93 therefore that's why the Factory eliminated the SCV. I have both engines mounted on engine stands so access to the components are great ( also begs the question, how the F do you access these things while in the car? Lol ).

    I have some time to kill before installing the engine back in the car since I'm waiting for all the coolant hoses that I ordered from the dealership.

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    I'm also running a 95 s14 engine in my s13 coupe. I'm using the upper intake manifold from the s14 engine with the lower intake manifold from the s13.

    I just recently did the oem hot cam swap lol and removed the entire manifold and got it cleaned up really nice. No more built up oil and black carbon crap. I also capped off the egr and all of the emissions crap that runs below the mani.

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      Thanks, so it's more advantageous to use s14 manifold? How's you're low end torque and drive ability? ( thanks by the way for your input )


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        Yes, advantageous to use s14 manifold. I guess it still has good low end torque. My mid range seems to be more lively. I'm also running a 3" test pipe back exhaust so that could be affecting things. Hoping to get it on a dyno with Cody ace October 27.

        I'll let ya know what I put down.

        From S3
        SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC


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          I'm using an S13 manifold with all of this stuff removed and sealed. Everything seems fine without it on my end. I also smoothed out the runners a little and opened them up closer to what the opening on the head and gasket are. Would have said "port matched" but all I really did was a little black magic with a HF die grinder and a deburring tool that I found laying around.
          Originally posted by Matt93SE
          in engrish, it's all about the length of your shaft... :P


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            On my s13 I disabled the SCV...I noticed a slight loss in mid range tq....and the engine doesnt make as cool of a sound anymore lol.

            Also if you look at the vacuum diagram, the FPR gets a vacuum signal from the SCV solenoid.

            Im going to put mine back in when I get a chance..


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              Well, the car put down 141 hp 160 lb ft tonight. Stock ka with intake. S14 upper manifold. Stock exhaust Mani to 3" exhaust.

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              SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC