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ka24de in 240sx vs altima

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  • ka24de in 240sx vs altima

    I've noticed the KA installed in any 240sx is usually much noisier and possibly vibrate a little more than in the 93-01 Altima. Their internals look identical according to the FSM (oil pan doesn't count): both use solid lifters, half-counterweighted crank, and main girdle. What could be the reason here?
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    engine mounts, ECU tuning, and a bunch of other little stuff like that.
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      ECU has a role too? All I mostly hear is the difference in valve noise (engines in similar condition).


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        98-01 IIRC like the Frontiers run Single Row Timing Chains.
        9.2:1 C/R due to first ring land being a little lower than the 95-98 240 like the 91-94. Still has a -20cc Dish.
        Chrome Rings
        Smaller Cams

        All I can think of/remember.


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          FWD and Trucks have no girdle as far as i have seen to date.

          single row timing chain and removal of the upper timing chain slapper deally bob (you know the one)

          as far as valvetrain noise cam profile has a say in that for sure, as would spring pressure and valve lash...
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            I knew the Frontiers had individual main caps, didn't know the Altima's did the same.
            Supposedly its suppose to do better then the griddle the 240 uses.

            As for came profiles for those who don't know:

            S13 = 240/248
            S14 = 232/232 lol
            U13 (93-96) = 240/248
            U13 ('97) = 240/232
            L30 (98-99) = 232/216
            L30 (00-01) = 224/240
            D22 (98-00) = 232/216
            D22 (01-04) = 224/224


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              Just ran thru the Altima FSMs on Nicoclub. U13 Altimas all use girdle, then with the L30 they switched to individual main caps.

              Yea the upper chain guide makes a distinct noise, but even without it the engines in different cars do sound different.


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                Maybe cause the Altima's aren't driven by little kids prior to our ownership?


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                  the way the front and rear motor mounts are setup, the engine vibrates a lot.
                  We're still waiting for engine torque dampers to hopefully reduce some of the vibration.

                  if i was you i'd try to get my hands on an sss bluebird rather than continue with the altima. even as a dd


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                    No Bluebird in the US, only Big Bird.

                    Just for fun, I pulled my s13 KA cover to check valve lash, which turned out to be all within spec. So it's certainly not valve lash that makes the 240's KA louder. Still, all the noise difference seems to be from the head.


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                      remove the chain guide.

                      i can't think of anything else other than an iavc or an egr issue?