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91-94 KA24DE stock cam differences?

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  • 91-94 KA24DE stock cam differences?

    Show me the proof!

    I've read stories but the only believable discussion was a thread that listed '91-'93 240sx together, with the exhaust closing at 4deg ATDC/3 degrees overlap and '94 as different, with the exhaust closing at 8deg ATDC/7 degrees overlap. The valve lift and duration listed was the same.

    The commonly available/downloadable FSM on the net for the 91-94 shows a publication date of '92 and lists the exhaust cam closing at 8 ATDC. (?)

    The '93 FSM I have shows the following;
    Intake opens 1 ATDC, closes 61 ABDC
    Exhaust opens 60 BBDC, closes 8 ATDC

    Now, the motor I have was supposedly out of a '93 but I don't know for certain. I degreed the cams and the exhaust closed at 4 ATDC, consistent with what I'd read earlier, but different from my '93 FSM. I used a JWT gear to retard the exhaust cam to 9 ATDC/8 degrees of overlap and it revs much more freely and doesn't die off as dramatically.

    If any of you have an actual hard copy FSM for the '91, '92 or '94 240sx, can you look up the cam timing and post it here?

    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.

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    1991 FSM, hard copy, states, IO 1 deg's atdc, IC 61 deg's abdc, EC 8 deg's atdc, EO 60 deg's bbdc.

    JWT faxed me some stuff a fews years back & on it was a note that Nissan's measurments are @ .0195" lift (.5mm).


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      Thank you!
      Don Johnson (really!)
      Just so you know.