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Godspeed Intake Manifold?

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  • Godspeed Intake Manifold?

    I see folks starting to sell GS intake manifolds on FleaBay for under $300. Anyone try one yet?
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    we tried all that stuff.Warped flanges to pores that leak.To small for human eyes but doesn't affect to much.Plus weight.Heavy stuff.Get a mazworx super light one.Worth every penny and tested by Mark who is the guru in sr20s.
    sr20,rb,you name it.That ebay junk is just that.Sadly cars can be tuned with this small leaks.Specially on maf setups.

    When Being faster its all that matters


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      Are you talking about the one for the KA-DE? Supposedly it's a copy of the one that Rich from Xcessive Manufacturing did a lot of R&D on. Then an overseas company bought one, and copied it. How close it is to the original design is unknown. But there is a debate over on about it.
      If it's not for that motor, then I apologize.


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        you could always use an epoxy sealer on the inside of the plenum and runners...but I'd hate to be supporting that kind of innovation crushing business practice anyway.
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          The wicking green loctite is intended to fill porous castings as well. It's not the bearing mount one, but the "wicking" you'd want.
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