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3 mods = 30whp and 22ft/lbs @ 7200 rpms

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  • 3 mods = 30whp and 22ft/lbs @ 7200 rpms

    Best 3 mods ever, NWP Engineering gutted VQ35 intake manifold, OBX equal length header and y-pipe, and a 3" exhaust I fabbed up.

    sounds great

    YouTube Video
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    Not bad. Looks like it might like a few hundred more RPM up top.
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      I bumped the limiter up to 7300 before the day was over.

      It stays wound out pretty much all the time so I don't want to go too high.


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        Looks good!

        I know Aaron from a few years ago when I had a 90 maxima, he definitely knows his nissan V6's!



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          Check out SG Motorsports work with testing intake manifolds on the VQ.

          If you need additional top end you might be able to go for even more flow on the intake manifold for more HP's.
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            Time to find a 6 pin LS2 throttle body...... hell, even a TB off a 3.9 V6 is bigger than a VQ TB


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              What size is the VQ TB? I'm using the 90mm Q45 TB but it's not a 6-pin.
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