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Need help from some one with o-scope and a ka24 :)

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  • Need help from some one with o-scope and a ka24 :)

    Hello, I'm trying to have an ecu developed for my car, a '95 ka4de, but I don't have an o-scope. I was hoping if anyone has a two channel digital o-scope and would be able to get a few plots for me:

    cam vs. crank
    cam vs. injector 1
    cam vs. distributor

    If you have any questions I'll try and answer them, if I can't I'll relay them to the ecu developer and try to get you one asap. I'm not certain what file format he want but I'm sure he can convert it to which ever one he needs. My email is [email protected].

    Thank you .

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    you mean you want plots for the 1 degree slots and the 180 degree slots.

    there isn't a seperate cam sensor and crank sensor. but i guess those could be considered cam and crank. when i've tried to measure mine there was a ton of noise.

    i don't see this being very easy, have you considered ecu's already out there? Epstein may be your best bet to talk to on here.

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      Isn't the SR CAS a 360-2 signal(2 deg for TDC)?
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        Uh, none of those plots exist. The KA24DE only uses one sensor for engine position. That's the Cam Angle Sensor in the base of the distributor. Not to mention a plot like cam vs injector would vary greatly based on RPM and load.

        The disk in the cam sensor has 2 tracks. One is the "1 degree" and the other is "180 degree". The 1* has evenly spaced ticks all the way around of the same length. The 180* has 2 different sized windows. One big one to indicate cyl 1, and 3 small ones to indicate the other cylinders.

        The SR20DET (non-turbo ones are like KA) uses the same setup, except all of the 180* windows are all different sizes. I have a mega high res scan of the DET disk that I made, but that probably won't help.
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          I'm pretty much going to cut and paste these responses to the ecu developer thanks guys . He wanted those plots to setup the triggers for the ecu, looks like I'll have to do some more research and hopefully we'll be able to come up with some solution to get it to work. Again, thank you all who responded.

          Here's the full situation, I purchased an ecu from an ecu developer for a type-r but sold the type-r. He accepted the ecu as a return since we were working out some kinks but said that I would just be able to exchange for another one. So here I am with my new to me car and I wanted this ecu since I eventually want to try different setups with the car and it would be nice to have the flexibility of a standalone especially one that I know and already paid for. This may not be the easiest or cheapest engine management solution but I'm doing this to increase my knowledge of the the car.


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            Hit up the sensor information in the EC section of the FSM. There are example traces of the signal output for troubleshooting which should answer your ECU guy's general questions.
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