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    In case others hadn't found them all ready here are two forums that are great places for real information on ECU, electronics, tuning, and wiring.

    BTY _ Apex Speed Technology is an amazing company.

    Check their blog ( for such silliness as an M5 V10 in a E30 where they used a Pectel ECU to control everything including VANOS and all accessories from traction control to windshield wipers.

    In addition to ECUs, PDU's, dataloger setups, video setups they also supply milspec/motorsports spec wiring components and supplies.

    I have not ordered from them but Dentsport also sells the good stuff and I'd love to support them.
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    EFI101 is great, and Bill is good people.=) I'm not familiar with AST though.
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      omg those guys have some hardcore cars. That bmw e30 project is really awesome too! Can't wait to see more progress on it!
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