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Haltech Elite/Platinum vs ECUMaster

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  • Haltech Elite/Platinum vs ECUMaster

    So it seems ECUMaster is gaining popularty and has a litany of features. Now, in terms of ECUMaster vs Haltech, I would think it slots between Platinum Pro and the ELITE (1000 series for both).

    What is everyone's thoughts?? The ECUMaster is half the price of the Haltech (and they do say you get what you pay for), but it is very enticing and has alot of features. Ofcourse, it boils down to dyno/tuner support

    Key features; failsafes, lots of inputs, VVL control, knock sensing (which all the above have). The Elite does have a cool LTFT, but that is just icing on the cake

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    So my tuner has confirmed he can indeed tune ECU Master

    After messing with both software packages last night, a few notes:

    1) ECUMAster has a very user friendly GUI
    2) Failsafes on ECUMaster are not quite as detailed as I would like (on first take)
    3) The Elite does have a few more options (one being the LTFT).
    4) Both are very capable, use new VE calculation to make tuning easy. In addition, temp correction tables will make jumping to speed density nice
    5) Using the Taarks Hall effect still gotta figure out the trigger settings (Taarks has a tutorial for Haltech, not so for ECUMaster, but the settings should be similar)
    6) Both using CAN output for a centralized digital dash layout. I think ECUMaster actually using a Haltech CAN protocol?? I need to read some more

    So far, ECUMAster seems like an awesome bang for the buck! Already found several DET basemaps. Just a little tweeking, adding VVL input and should be good to go for a startup map.


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      Is that really half the price? I'd think you could find the Haltech 750/1500 for just a little more than that system.

      Not saying it won't work great, but an EMS can really whither if it doesn't get updated overtime. They're usually released with some software bugs etc. Nothing that will kill your engine (hopefully), but some of the auxiliary features can be wonky in my experience.
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        ECUMaster has been consistently updating their software.

        For reference; an BNIB ECUMaster popped up for $800 (including P&P harness). The cheapest ELite with universal harness is $1470 (750) and ~$1600 (1000)

        They have actually been around for several years now. They seem to be fairly established in Europe. Support also seems to be there.

        The AEM slots in a little higher with their PNP harness @ about $1700

        Lots of youtube tutorials for integration of Auxilary functions. Bluetooth streaming over Android seems to work great (I already have an Android Tablet)


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          So picked up the ECUMaster for a song. Once I get it in I will see if I can bench top test it and go from there.