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    So. As i get ready to put in my new motor after previously frying the rings I have a few questions I'd like some advice on, since I am fairly new the tuning side of things. I've gotten my hands on a Power FC w/commander. I plan to have a local shop tune the engine to start with. The questions that I do have are the following:

    -Do I need to purchase the FC-datalogit kit?
    -Do I need to run an A/F gauge?
    -On the base map would the car be safe to drive to the shop or should I have it towed?

    Set up is the following:

    -s13 SR stock w/jwt s4 cams and tomei gears.
    -7163 efr
    -740cc injectors and walboro 255
    -n62 maf

    Also to get some opinions. I have a blown motor that I purchased a while back that's sitting in the back of the garage, and it has tomei solid lifters and upgraded springs/retainers that seem to be in good shape. From all the research I've read, everyone states that stock valve train is fine and more maintenance free with S4 cams. I was planing on just selling the upgraded valve train stuff. However since it's free would you use it or still sell it. The goal of this car is to have a fun, reliable/responsive weekend track/hill climb car that makes 350-400whp, while staying out from under the hood as much as possible. Thanks for the advice .
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    You need a wideband.

    A conservative base map is fine to drive the car on. 13.5-14.5:1 at idle, 14.5-15.0 at cruise, 13.0 at 0 boost, 11.5 as you get into boost. 24 deg timing above 3.5k rpm and 0 boost, 34-36 deg at light cruise and 3k rpm. 0.8-1 deg/psi of retard in boost.

    Those are conservative values that will get you started.
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