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Coil on Plug Conversion KA24DET

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  • Coil on Plug Conversion KA24DET

    Thanks to Def I have a shiny new AEM Infinity ECU sitting here just begging to get wired in. I only want to build the wiring harness once if I can help it, and as such I think I would like to switch to a coil on plug system just to eliminate any spark issues down the road. The problem is that my car has been sitting for almost 5 years due to a lack of time/funds and amazingly over half a decade your brain gets a bit sluggish on all of the juicy knowledge you used to have.

    There are a few helpful threads like this one ( on that give some guidance, but I thought I would ask a couple questions here too.

    I love the low profile nature of the CBR Coils and other coils like that (AEM Pencil, etc.). I know LS1 coils are tried and tested but the large non-coil on plug nature just ends up cluttering the engine bay and adding more complexity. I feel like I have heard somewhere that the CBR coils are not the most powerful options, what about the AEM coils or other alternatives that work in a coil on plug fashion?

    What about CDI? I have never really run anything outside of a distributor with an external coil so this is all Greek to me at this point. The AEM Pencil Coil site says I need an external box or 4 channel coil driver. I would think the box gives me extra juice and better spark? Looking at ignition boxes, MSD had "CDI" boxes ranging from $150 for a Street Fire Ignition up to $700 for a High Output MSD-4, what do I need, what is overkill?

    Thanks for any help, I like so many others, have done things the wrong way or the cheap way in the past with certain parts of my build and this time I only want to do it once and have it be reliable and quality.

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    I did a cop ka24de setup before I did my ls1 swap.

    I repined my ka24de harness to accept a sr20det ecu. and then wired up 4 maxima coils since they don't require a transistor and the perfectly fit.

    you also use the sr20det cas disc inside your ka24de distributor and move over your distributor 4 teeth