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Megasquirt Plug and Play for S13 SR20

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  • Megasquirt Plug and Play for S13 SR20

    I don't see too many people running the Plug and Play systems from DIYAutotune too much so I thought I would post my experience using it on my personal car. My car sees a lot of street driving as well as some autocrossing. I have not had a chance to auto-x since getting it tuned but hoping to do some as soon as the season starts.

    Basic engine info:

    -S13 SR20 rebuilt with factory bearings and rings. Original pistons and rods.
    -ARP headstuds and stock headgasket.
    -Isis Intake and Exhaust Manifold
    -Isis Intercooler
    -Greddy T517Z turbo
    -555cc Injectors

    Some of the things that attracted me to the Megasquirt Plug and Play

    -Plug and Play to the stock wiring harness
    -Gets rid of the MAF for an internal MAP sensor
    -15 Pin connector to add on IAT, Launch Control, Boost solenoid, Wideband Signal, etc.
    -Easy user interface with Tuner Studio
    -Uses an LC-1 or other wideband to "autotune" and datalog
    -Price:850 shipped makes it just about the most affordable stand alone
    -The guys at DIYautotune give you great support through e-mail or phone.


    -Installation was very straight forward. It comes with a trigger wheel that replaces the stock one and can either be installed correctly or 180 off so it is easy to diagnose a no-start problem. Get a bung welded to the cold pipe for IAT and wire it into the two pin on the 15 pin connector. After this all that I had to do was run a vacuum line to the MAP sensor barb on the back of the ECU and I was all set. The MS unit comes preloaded with a SR20 Start-Up base map.

    Results: I will post a Dyno Graph as soon as I can scan it.

    The car made 330 RWHP and 302 TQ on 17 PSI. At the time of the tune I did not have the wideband so we had to be relatively safe. My current AFR's at WOT are 11.2.

    I am hoping to go back in for a re-tune with the wideband hooked up in the next few weeks. I don't want to go past 20 PSI as the engine is stock but I plan on keeping AFR's below 11.7.

    Things I disliked:

    -The map that came with it was supposed to be a basemap but was more of a start-up map that let the car idle.
    -The instructions that came with the unit were a little vague but anyone who is mechanically inclined should be able to work through them.

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    I'm also running the MSPNP but on my KA-T and I love it. I had a few issues with startup but it was all due to my lack of Tunerstudio knowledge. Once you get a wideband you should enable VE Analyze Live. It made tuning a lot easier for me, I just set up all my target AFR's and drove around trying to hit as many table cells as I could.

    Glad you like it too!