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  • Aem uego placement sr20det

    I am getting ready to install my AEM ems in my car. I am wondering if it is ok to install the sensor in the o2 housing/ turbo out let? I will be swaping in a gready housing as well. Is there anyone out there that has had good results with this location and not burnt out the sensors?

    If not then i may just weld the bung on to the downpipe. I would prefer to jot drill and weld in the downpipe, but if i have to thats what ill have to do.

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    It'll work but it's not the optimal position.

    Anywhere between 15-25" is what most will recommend. (From the Head/Port)
    Never seen any nay say about that nor heard anyone complain.


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      I have done a bunch of research and could not find anything on any of the forums about life span when placed in the factory location. Looks like welding a bung on to my DP is going to be the best bet.

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        had my sensor in that location since 04 or so, sensor still working.

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          If the sensor gets too hot it will stop working. Actually it will report 11:1 air fuel ratios when the real ratio is 15:1 or leaner.

          From experience, putting it into the elbow is a bad idea. Yeah it will be fine for normal driving, but make any real power and it overheats... and throws you the wrong numbers. I speak from experience, and oops.
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          The reason why you want signal lines as slow as possible, is that there is actually some mass flow through the signal line, enough that the cross sectional area and "long" run can cause significant minor head losses.


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            Bringing this back. I have a test pipe with a bung on it, is that a bad idea to mount it there?
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              Test pipe is fine.

              Anywhere after the turbo is fine really. Delta t across the turbine is large, so even beating on it on track won't cause the outlet to glow red. So sub 950 deg F, while the turbine will be a bright red, slight orange color, which is around 1200-1400 F.
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                i've had mine in the stock location right behind the turbo outlet for about 15,000km and then about 15cm behind the turbine outlet on my new setup for maybe 5000km and it's still reading accurate compared to the dyno wideband even when it's been making lots of heat on the dyno.