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    I worked an SCCA race this weekend and talked to a guy running ITA with a 1990 240sx. He said this guy got him 13WHP over a JWT chip on his KA24E.
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    Why not tune the car yourself? You can max out whatever YOUR engine can make with just a bit of dyno time.

    There really isn't anything special about tuning an ECU - it's all just fuel(which is easy) and ignition.

    It's pretty easy to make a fuel map, determine the k-value, then have an ignition basemap and tweak it on a dyno to see what the engine likes.
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      When I was playing with single can Ecus still, we got 6whp out of a jwt ecu and for like 15whp playing with the fuel map ourselves.

      This was with rom editor and a Willems. We ended up buying a rom
      Emulator later which made it a lot easier