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  • UpRev Osiris

    UpRev Osiris. We use in on the VQ35 swapped Sentra. Only works with newer Nissan ECUs......

    Allows you to disable NATs, so no having to use the BCM too when swapping a VQ35.

    Gives you access to all the tables on the ECU, revlimits, timing, fuel correction, injector scaling, MAF scaling, cold start enrichment, MIL check list/disable, CVVT tables, has real time tuning and map tracing functions, flashes ECU via OBD plug.

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    Are you using the Z model on the Sentra?
    Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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      yeah. I stripped down the Maxima harness we had, Z1 Motorsports floated us a 350Z harness which I stripped down too, and 350Z E-throttle pedal. Then I hand laid the harness and wired it up to the 350Z ecu, the Z harness comes off the back of the motor, which would be the drivers side on a FWD layout. Everything is tunable in real time with map tracing and flashable via a laptop and the OBD port and the program will datalog hours of data.


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        Are you using the 'Tuner' version?

        How is it for disabling various MIL codes? Do you have the option to remove EVAP and other components not used in typical VQ swaps?

        I'm about to get my swap running and will be using NATS as it is a street driven car.
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