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  • Nissan Harness Connectors

    I want to roll my own engine harness, from scratch. My connectors are tired and worn out, and I'm running a Haltech.

    There's a good thread here from the honda boys:

    Welding / Fabrication - Amphenol / Mil-spec connector guide - I'd like to see one.... Things like... what parts you need to install them, and how to decipher the part #'s etc...any relevant information really..

    Does anyone know a list of connectors Nissan uses on the SR20?


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    no one?


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      I've looked into it before, but it seemed easier at the time to just remove the blue ecu plug and add haltech ones (having Chris's harness with this already done helped too). Other than that, Nissan Japan sells individual plugs so I'd check the their FAST program if you have it.


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        I have the FAST program, but just the US files right now - getting the JDM disks.

        I'm not seeing individual connectors, though. Its all enginer harness, or "repair connectors" which are only good for radio and relays:

        Any insight?


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          You can also buy replacement connectors for some of the engine stuff, but they're often not directly listed. some of them you're SOL though. for injectors, they sell a replacement injector harness for 300ZX that comes with 3 injector connectors. for the other 3 you have to buy a second one then cut and splice the wires into the old harness.

          Since the injectors cross over between cars, you can use those for yours if you still run Nissan style injectors.

          other stuff like that is available for other cars as well, but it's a black art of knowing what connector fits what and what is available from Nissan.

          All I can really tell you is that you DON'T want to buy all of them new from Nissan. You'll be broke when you're done. (i.e. new engine harness for most Nissans is around $1200....)
          Originally posted by SoSideways
          I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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            Well, that's annoying.

            I guess I have two options:

            1.) get a used harness, cut all the connectors off w/ a couple inches of pigtails, and do my own harness with Mil-Spec firewall connector and new wire/heatshrink.
            2.) get a used harness, find new pins, use old connectors with new pins.


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              yup.. those are all options..
              Originally posted by SoSideways
              I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
              '04 G35 Sedan 6MT- The DD
              '96 240SX- The Track Toy


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                I deleted all of my old links, but you're looking for Sumitomo and Yazaki connectors. Those 2 companies might be related now. Actually, browsing the Yazaki catalog is like looking at the history of Nissan connectors.

                Actually, here's Yazaki:

                58 series, W type
                62 series, Z type

                Here's Sumitomo's 91-series for the crazy F3/F4 S14 connector:

                Connectors like the CAS and coilpacks are Sumitomo DL-series:
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                  Where do you guys learn all this stuff?! Especially you, Epstein!


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                    Any idea what the three plugs are for the ABS pump?


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                      Epstein - did you have a distributor you went through for pricing these out?


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                        Originally posted by Epstein @ ziptied
                        The weather-proof kind in the engine bay are different series of Yazaki connector. GM's also use some Yazaki parts, but I can't find anything useful in their dealer connector kits. You can find the actual part numbers for everything on the Yazaki website, but they've only got 1 US dealer meaning you'll probably have to place a big order or get them in qty 100. Maybe some Japan people can help out here....

                        The stuff under the dash is mostly Amp/Tyco.

                        more info from googling
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                          Damn Epstein! Now if I can just figure out which of those is the connector on the harness that plugs into the coolant temperature sensor........


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                            Its really just a matter of looking at datasheets and comparing.... but as people find connectors, post up here to save others work!


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                              There are also the Techmate terminal repair kits available.

                              Nissan Kits:
                              Infiniti Kits:

                              The bad: They cost $2K+ and are mostly non 240sx related plugs and most are pigtails requiring you to splice them in.

                              Brand new engine harness assemblies are available for reasonable prices from many aftermarket (Phase2Motortrend) and dealers that do performance (MyNismo,, Courtesy) for around $400. You'll spend much more time and money sourcing connectors and all the other materials and assembling them so $400 is a bargain.

                              It takes forever to terminate connectors.
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