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AEM EMS + Bluetooth?

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  • AEM EMS + Bluetooth?

    I was searching for a good USB to Serial adapter for my AEM EMS (which should arrive today/ tomorrow) and stumbled upon:

    I'm wondering if I can do a switched power adapter to the power port (from 12v to whatever it needs) and just flick it on whenever I want to connect. Has anyone else toyed with the idea?

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    That's the same BT adapter the Megasquirt guys use. You may wanna do some searching there.

    I bought one of those adapters right before I blew my Miata up, so I never got a chance to use it.


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      i heard of people tring on aem forums. do a search on there. let me know if you get it to work. i'll get 1 or 2.

      Most PM answers: F 17X9 +22, R 17X9 +35


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        I browsed the AEM forums a bit, and it was discussed but not attempted where I read. I'll dig a bit more during the day today, but most likely I'll just run a serial to USB adapter for now.

        Wireless connectivity with my car would rock, though. I could dyno tune it from a lounge chair while someone runs the car :P


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          thats what i remember. they talked but no action taken

          Most PM answers: F 17X9 +22, R 17X9 +35


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            So, in my searches I found another option: mount a PC in the car and just leave it there. Found some Fujitsu LT C-500's for $150 or less all over EBay.


            It might be nice to hard mount to the dash instead of some misc. gauges, especially since the AEM already has inputs for all the things I'll want to monitor.

            Really I just can't wait to see DANGER TO MANIFOLD!