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Bracket for 350Z Track Rotors and Wilwood Superlites

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  • Bumnah
    I'll take a free pair.

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  • 2Fass240us
    Talked to the machine shop just now. First run will be annodized black. If there is enough interest in these past the first batch, I will incorporate a logo and likely use a custom color.

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  • Bracket for 350Z Track Rotors and Wilwood Superlites

    PLEASE NOTE: Current bracket pricing is $185/set plus shipping.

    Next Batch List*
    v2 Batch List*
    me (replaced bleakdragonmage and shipped him v1 brackets)
    trsilvias13 (Michael) on SilviaV8Forums - payment received
    chitowncoupe (Nick) on SilviaV8Forums - payment pending
    scotheocelot on SilviaV8Forums (Scott?) - payment received
    mfd1992 (Drake) on SilviaV8Forums - PayPal address received
    need4speed069 on SilviaV8Forums - PayPal address received
    markfluko (Mark) on SilviaV8Forums - payment received
    gawdzilla (Will) on NissanRoadRacing - payment received
    Driver (Chris) on SilviaV8Forums - payment pending
    wyostunta (Shane) on SilviaV8Forums - payment received

    v2 price = $125 shipped in the continental US


    These brackets will allow you to use a 350Z Track rotors with Wilwood Superlite 4- or 6-piston calipers on the front on an S-chassis. Please see this thread for more background.

    $110 shipped in the Continental U.S.

    EDIT: All 13 pairs are accounted for. If you are interested, I can add you to the above list.

    So far I have:
    Air (Chris) - Shipped 3/12
    Jordan (.Best) - Shipped 3/12
    Casey (VQ35Goofus) - Shipped 3/10
    Blake (Colorado S14) - Shipped 3/12
    Brian (Your Mom) - Shipped 3/12
    Alex (koukis14 on CarolinaNissans) - Shipped 3/12
    Otto347 on SilviaV8Forums
    atutt on SilviaV8Forums
    Lew (lewroe on SilviaV8Forums) - PAID
    txredxj on SilviaV8Forums - PAID
    local guy - 2 pair PAID

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