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GKTech drift/grip spindles, FLCA, and tension rods

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  • GKTech drift/grip spindles, FLCA, and tension rods

    Bought all this stuff last winter and didn't end up using any of it because of some goofy fitment issues (this is mostly unique to my car and the coilovers I run -- it'll work fine with every other coilover on the market).

    s13 Front drop knuckles: This is the v4 drift/grip knuckle. The one bolted to the FLCA was mocked up but never driven on. $450

    V2 High Clearance Front Lower Control arms with new ball joints: $350. This is the 0-25mm version and the ball joints are the BJ274 meant for s13.

    High misalignment outer tie rod ends -- brand new in box. Looking for $160

    Rear lower control arm spherical bushing upgrade -- brand new in box. These are s14 RLCA $100

    Also have the high clearance tension rods (not pictured).

    Depending on where you're at and which item you want we'll figure out shipping.‚Äč