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Koni 8611 setup for s13

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  • Koni 8611 setup for s13

    After nearly 10 years of faithful service, I wasted a bunch of money on an MCS setup so my trusty konis are for sale. The inserts were new in 2016 (Koni 8611-1257 x4) and have probably 15 track days on them and maybe 2000 street miles since then. No leaks, bends, or frozen adjusters. These require z32 spindle in back.

    I didn't clean them up for pictures, so they're dirty ( my garage is off a gravel alley so things get a bit dirtier than I want). I'll wipe them down before I ship, I just wanted it to be clear there were no leaks or anything.

    Housings are Richard's (veilside180sx).

    Camber plates and rear upper mounts are Tein -- the bearings don't feel brand new but aren't flopping around and dead. No clunks or anything. I hogged out the inner part of the camber plate so eek out a bit more front camber at the plate.

    The upper spring perches in front are the Vorshlag ones (that they won't sell separately any more..).

    Front springs are 550# eibach, 6" long; rear springs are 400# eibach, 7" long. I was running stance helper springs with those but I pulled those and threw in the spare set of H%R helpers that I had on the shelf (50# rate, 2" long).

    If I wasn't wasting money on MCS stuff this set would have been great for a few more years -- just bored and trying new things.

    Looking for $2k.


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    Open to offers! Especially from someone here.


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      I still have these and will include a set of Z32 uprights with Def's spherical shock bearings and SPL spherical shock mounts.