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G35 K&N Time Attack Build

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  • G35 K&N Time Attack Build

    Speedhunters has an interesting feature on K&N's new G35 time attack build.

    There are some good pictures of the chassis work.

    Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers & drivers with a shared passion for uncovering the world's most exciting car culture stories.

    They have modified and reinforced the rear subframe.

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    I don't like those door bars one bit. There is just way too much material used there. They could have used half that much piping and the driver would have been just as safe.
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      Why did they remove all the nice front sheet metal reinforcements going from the firewall out to the shock towers and frame rails?
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        weird, looks like a fat version of an s15 jk

        yeah the sidebars look like a prison cage hehe
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          well I see that they tied it into the strut towers. I also see some baby turbos hiding. Kinda confused why the steering column support needs to be so beefy, but it looks nice. I wonder what other subframe they're running. And that's a DAMN big rod-end on that rear trailing arm.
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            I'm sure the prep work is top notch and it'll be great performer, but after reviewing 3 Opera Performance builds, the chassis prep being performed is standard stuff.