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350 knockback issues

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    here is a quick video from Thunderhill.

    This is filmed from my teammates car and you an see me after I (#11) make the pass, iI lock up quite easily as soon as there is ANY hint of trail braking involved...


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      I think if there was a way to use the 370 hubs, that would be great.

      As far as ice mode, the 350 does that as well. The ABS is removed from the car.
      Now, talking about ice mode - that generally happens when the computer detects a gross difference of wheel speeds from front to rear.
      Basically, it happens when the brakes arent balanced properly. IE too much rear brake.

      I have no idea why nissan did that.


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        The car isn't rear biased, it just freaks out with minor wheel speed differential when braking over bumps. Basically very slight rear wheel lockups kill off your brake pressure and you go flying off the end of the track.
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          The car I drove was grossly rearward biased.
          According to the team, its always been like that and the only fix was to remove abs, run super aggressiv pads up front, weak pads in the back and have the brake bias all the way forward.
          This combination was still way too rearward with pedal going to the floor without bringing the pads back.

          Precise blips? Yeah. Right.