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  • fuel economic engine choice

    so i recently picked a z31 for a daily driver, and the engine will probably need 800+ dollars within the next year or so. I dont really want to dump that much money in an old vg30e. i have been thinking that there may be some other relativley low cost alternatives. In my opinion near 30mpg from 87 octane with around 200 to 250hp would be near ideal.
    I had thought that a ca18det with a rasied compression, retarded timing, and a lot of intercooler would give me a chance at this.
    What are you guy's thoughts on this?

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    is a neo vvl too expensive?

    Those blocks are pretty good leaned out and good compression.


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      A well tuned vg30e+t can get you 30mpg... you've got 9:1 compression already if it's a non-turbo engine, upgrading to turbo is as simple as bolting on the manifolds and things, using the appropriate injectors+ecu, and naturally intercooler

      You should easily be able to get 260hp with close to 330ft-lbs from it before having to upgrade injectors/tuning

      I make tons of parts for the car too btw, hit me up


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        280HP VQ30DET's are going pretty cheap on Ebay these days. Less than what you'd pay for an SR/RB/QR motor.
        Don Johnson (really!)
        Just so you know.


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          I accidentally double posted this thread. The cost is turboing the NA is similar to that of swapping to a different Nissan motor. vq30det is an option that hasn't been brought up in the other thread.


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            I have never seen the turbo swap parts go for more than $450, but if you skip the turbo and get something bigger, as you will no doubt want to, you can get something fast spooling t04b or gt3076r sized

            Nistune is available for all z31 ecus as well, if you use an 87 ecu (could be non-turbo too), all you need to do is upload the turbo maps as a baseline... you will be able to drive cheap low-imp injectors like a gt-r, top feed fuel rails are cheap, someone's selling a bunch of billet rails right now for <$200

            So for 350hp/420tq or so, that's probably a $1400 upgrade to do the turbo swap + injectors + bigger turbo + nistune... intercooler/oil cooler would be extra in any case