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Torn RLCA mounts

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  • Torn RLCA mounts

    Anyone ever done this before?

    Its a Z32, but the rear subframe is obviously very similar to a 240's. Our car is also very light, at the time the dry weight was around 2,450. We think the damage started when we ran a set of used Michelin slicks at a Sebring enduro.

    The passenger's side was just cracked, and not yet completed failed.
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    Yeah, just tore one of mine. The rest looked ok so I just welded it back up. They make (they beig gk tech) a reinforcement kit for the 240's but some basic reinforcements should work well.


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      Just a case of metal fatigue and a strain concentration factor being right next to the weld. Break out 'le MIG gun" and go to town on it. Add some 14-16 Ga gussets while you're at it.
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