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Who's racing a Z31? or has? or tell me why not?

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  • Who's racing a Z31? or has? or tell me why not?

    I'm posting this as a kind of feeler to see what I can do to make things better for the forgotten 80's 300zx chassis... let me start with what I _have_ done

    Note: I am building one up, a 2+2 with rb25 neo swap, z32 trans, hybrid rear, and a bunch of my own parts

    I started with a '87 non-turbo 2+2 chassis that was slightly rusty cosmetically, I had decided to build a race car, and being tall, I though the 2+2 would give me a lot of extra room for the cage and such -- wasn't concerned with a great body, I could be tapping walls with it afterall

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    First thing to know is that the non-turbo hubs use bolt-on rotors like the s130 before it, also a solid mac strut assembly with separable steering knuckle, the choices of springs are limited, and there's no off the shelf brake kit that fits without swapping to the rare 87-89 turbo hubs

    Naturally I started looking into brakes, finding a bbk to adapt didn't make much sense in the size range I wanted, r32 GTR brakes work on those rarer turbo hubs with some washers, except that wasn't going to work with my hubs, nor did they meet my threshold, evo/sti/viper brakes would still require custom bracketry and change of hub or a new 2-piece rotor with custom hat... so I decided I'll make some 13" 2-piece rotors

    Then searching for calipers, I compared and compared, searched all the buy&sells, looked at getting rebuilts, selection was poor, anything decent was expensive, and nothing was "ideal" to fit on a nissan, much less mine...

    I wanted 32mm rotors, I concluded the nissan catalog of monoblock calipers wasn't going to work until the akebonos, time to start new, I ended up having a company re-cast a fairly popular older model 4-piston caliper, and had the bore sizes, fitting etc changed to suit the nissan, 40mm x 4 pistons, inverted metric flare fitting, here's the result:

    Machined hubs:

    The BBK installed:


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      During the waiting period for the brake parts to get done, samples to arrive, I pre-sold some kits to start some quantity going, I ended up investing into it more than I planned, and I have a batch of nismo 60mm sized cromoly wheel studs made (you can see them in the pic above)

      And after a convoluted mess of product development e-fights on a popular z31 forum, I ended up making a few controversial things you guys will appreciate, s13 coilover adapters and negative camber roll center adjusters like so:

      Which install like zis:

      The side effect of these working together is fantastic amounts of wheel clearance, and and a crazy range of camber adjustment, without touching the camber plate... here's pics comparing max camber and zero, same kit on both sides of the car just set differently (note the tuck):


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        I have other things in the planning and sketching phase, but I'd like to know if there's any other areas you feel are lacking for any particular racing type?

        There are others producing adjustable tension rods and quicker ratio steering knuckles already, so don't ask about those