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Road Atlanta 2013

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  • Road Atlanta 2013

    Watch the race if you are bored.

    The car was good this weekend. Made some changes, softening up the rear end. I had gone through the field to around 6th place OA and had those cars in sight, when I pulled off on lap 11 due to rain.

    We'll see how the Barber race goes Labor day. It will be a better test of the current set up, and we'll see if I finally have a car that I can start to push.

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    Tristan Smith
    T-Rex Racing
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    Former SCCA ITA 240sx #56
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    Lookin' smooth there Tristan! Let us know how it is after the next race. DJ
    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.


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      I would always love to have a life like this.A couple cars and racing.
      “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”